Welcome to Utley’s COMM 439 Wiki.

A wiki is a collaborative space where many people can share ideas by editing pages. Our course wiki will allow the class to compile and comment on its version of popular culture. The goals of our wiki are to:
  1. To represent the diversity of our interests in popular culture
  2. To establish an unlimited archive of pop culture artifacts that won’t crowd inboxes
  3. To supplement BB, but not replace it as the main content site for course materials
  4. To create a community where students are less anonymous and identified by names and faces
  5. To encourage discussions outside of class
  6. To facilitate group work outside of class
  7. To increase student familiarity with technology

You will earn 5 points each time you post a popular culture artifact on the wiki and explain why it is a good example of a course theme. Your first post (which is simple registering and posting a recent picture) must be made by September 17, the second by October 6, the third by October 22, and the fourth by November 10. You may always post early, but if you miss a wiki post deadline you will forfeit your points. These points are not designed to be punitive. Meet the deadlines, make a concerted effort to post something relevant, say something smart and rhetorically savvy about your artifact, and you will receive all of your points. Remember, when you are adding to the page, be careful not to delete anyone else’s post. You may, however, comment on someone else’s artifact whenever you have something to say. See the for online communication tips. See below for FAQs.

  1. What if someone has already posted the artifact that I want to post? Post something else. Duplicates will not receive points. Browse before you post.
  2. Can I create a wikipage for myself? Sure, if you want to but it will be an entirely bonus activity.
  3. Can people outside of the class post to the wiki? No, only members of the course can post to the wiki, but anyone with the wiki’s address can view the pages.
  4. What if the youtube clip I posted gets removed? If that appears to be the case when we are grading, we will contact you about posting something else.
  5. What if I post an artifact but forget my explanation? Posting is an all or nothing deal. Either you post all of the requirements or you receive no points.
  6. Can I respond to someone else's post? Absolutely, I encourage you to start and continue conversations about pop culture outside of class.
  7. What if someone puts their name on my post? Report the infraction to us within one week of its occurrence and the violator will receive no wiki points for the semester.
  8. What if I have issues with the wiki? Our 439 GA Colle Carpenter is primarily responsible for maintaining the wiki. Please direct your wiki questions to him AT colle2526ATyahoo.com.