Nba2k10 is a virtual world well virtual “basketball world” that anybody can join. Anybody can see and experience what it takes to become an NBA player. First, anyone can create their own player to look like themselves. For example, if you have a mustache in real life then you can add a mustache on your player. If you are 6 foot 1, you can make your player that height. Then after you made yourself into a player, your main objective is to do well in the summer camp, and then work your way up to D-League, and then your main goal is to make it to the NBA. Anyone can join NBA 2k10 and also play against other online players. The people playing each other can also communicate to one another and discuss certain things. You have complete control of your players when you create them and it is not just playing in basketball games that make your player better, but the practice that you have to do to make yourself stronger and a better player.

Meez Nation is a virtual world where anyone can join. One can explore the virtual neighborhoods of Meez Nation as well as chat, dance, discover surprises. You can create your own avatar and design exactly what you want him or her to look like. You also get to create your living space and invite friends over. Millions of people use this online forum and is another lifestyle for them. I found this to be a pop culture artifact because this is something that is a huge part of pop culture today just like Second Life the virtual reality game we discussed in class. For many people their Meez life is an escape from their own and a way of taking control. Each person can completely control the actions of their created avatar and interact with other avatars allowing people to be the things they always wanted to be.
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Hausner- popular culture exemplars of virtual reality here:

This South Park video is an example of virtual reality artifact because in this clip we are able to see how the characters from South Park get into the game World of Warcraft an online computer game where they can communicate and play with people all over the world. We are able to see how little by little they start forgetting about their actual lives and get stuck in the world of virtual reality. Not only is this an example of how people are actually doing this in real life but we also get to see how in this case it is bad for kids to get stuck in a virtual reality for many reasons. For example, the dad comes in and tells one of the characters to go out and play with his friends and he respons that he is playing with them but its on line. This is one of the reasons on why children are falling more and more into obesity. World of Warcraft is an actual game where people can go and play with other people around the world. World of Warcraft players are able to purchase armory,clothing and other things for their avatars for real money and use it in a virtual world. Today, in this society we are starting to see this more and more, especially in games such as Xbox 360 live and other online games where people are getting involved with virtual reality more and more. Although, this is not the full episode I did find the link to the full episode because I had a hard time trying to find it on youtube. Thank you.


This really is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen – and I’m not even a gamer! ;)
I believe this clip of the brand new gaming system, Project Natal, is a great example of a pop culture artifact because it shows new ideas and ways to explore through video game entertainment without the use of controllers. The word natal means "of or relating to birth" reflecting Microsoft's view of the project as "the birth of the next-generation of home entertainment". Project Natal is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform. It is so modern and advanced that instead of using a controller or keyboard, Project Natal uses the system's camera and sound sensors to detect movement of faces and body joints as well as voice commands.
In this clip, we see the many different games Project Natal has designed including: a girl driving a racecar and her family acting as the pit crew, a kid acting as a monster destroying a city, a mother and daughter preparing to kick the final goal in a soccer game, a boy scanning his skateboard ready to ride, and even one girl calling her friend through Natal and showing her digital prom dresses to scan through! Not only is this system the newest and most modern form of solo gaming, but it also allows families to gather together for game night, while also serving as a DVD player for scanning through and watching movies. Steve Spielberg even speaks highly of project Natal saying, "this is a pivotal moment that will carry with it a wave of change, the ripples of which will reach far beyond video games." Surely, this is a pop culture artifact that everyone will want in their home.


I think that most people are familiar with this new movie coming out called surrogates. I think that this movie is a great representation of virtual reality in pop culture today. This movie is about the ability to "plug" yourself into an alternative reality where you can see, feel, and experience everything your surrogate does but from the comfort of your own home. I think that this is taking the virtual reality world of today's pop culture and taking it to a whole new level of virtual reality of tomorrow's pop culture world! We go from sitting at a computer and having a virtual personality and just watching it on a computer screen to a walking, breathing, and "living" robot that is your alter ego. This may be an extreme in the minds of people today but it could very easily become a reality 20 or 30 years from now!I think that this is a great example of virtual reality in pop culture because it is something we can't really wrap our minds around, yet,it is still something that everyone can walk away from the movie theater thinking about the possibilities that technology offers them.


The Sims 3 commercial is a perfect example of one of the earlier virtual reality worlds. This was before Second Life was created. This is an actual game that people buy and install on their own computer. There are many different versions of the game, for example there is Sims Vacation, Sims 1,2,3, and several others. In the game the gamer is able to create a person or family any way that they want them to appear. They also then can build a house for the characters that they have created. They are able to decorate it any way that they want. Also the characters can interact with other characters in the game. As the commercial states, you can make the characters act and do anything that you want them to do. They can do such things as rob a neighbor to cheat on a spouse with another character. The game is for entertainment purposes of course, but some of the tasks that the characters do or are able to do are not all too appropriate for kids that might be playing the game. The one thing that is good about the game that differs from Second Life is that other actual people/gamers cannot interact with you while you are playing the Sims.

The movie "Gamer" starring Gerard Butler would definitely be considered an artifact of virtual reality. With video games being as popular as ever, this movie is about a "game" where average every day people are able to controll real people in battle set as a video game. Virtual Reality is all about living out a life in which you are either unable to live out or doing something you wouldnt do on an every day basis. Being able to go into battle with full controll of a single person and not having to face the consequences of that said battle would be a lot of peoples ideal video game. You have to actually think about things reallistically. Your every move and thought depends on how well you do in the game. Instead of after completeing your objective and the screen saying congratulations and you just turn the t.v. off, you are actually the cause of destruction to property, and even people. It would give you the feeling of going to war in the comfort of your own home (or your mom's basement).

Deus Ex
When this game released in June of 2000 it was marketed as a conspiracy shooter that included many oppositional views of groups including Fema, United Nations, and the corporate institutions. A very odd inclusion in this game is the augmented humans, the main character and many others are partially human with augmentations of robotic engineering. The storyline revolves around ambrosia a serious threatening disease that has a cure but is not being released to the public. In fact the release with be costly to the underclass, and rioting on the streets is just mocked of by the elites in the game. The game shows the augmented persons with human emotions, trying to give a more human side to partial humans. The main character is at first believing in the threats of the underclass, and soon finds that his brother who turned on the institutions that he was working for to the underclass and helps in ending the conflicts between the rich and the poor. I have included the intro to the game on a link to youtube.


The Cell

In the movie, The Cell, starring Jennifer Lopez, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Vince Vaughn, Lopez's character uses a virtual-reality bodysuit in order to enter the tortured mind of comatose serial killer, D'Onofrio, in hopes of learning the whereabouts of his last victim and saving her life. This is an example of virtual reality because we see them using a device [body suit] in order to enter a different reality and escape the real world. In this virtual world, one is able to see, hear, move around, amongst other things one could do in the real world, just in the context of one's mind [in this movie, the virtual world comprises of the serial killer's mind or Jennifer Lopez's character's mind]. This altered reality keeps the real human from any real physical danger [Lopez's character interacting with a dangerous killer]. This clip is a trailer for the movie. At about 1:30 into the clip, you will notice the virtual reality body suits they use and you will be able to see the virtual world of the serial killer's mind.


Minority Report gives a look into what could be defined as virtual crime. In a sense the crimes depicted in the film had not yet occured yet, and are projected on screens, in which the officers can act upon a crime that had not yet been committed. Also, in the film the use of eyes or dilated pupils were used to advertise people's inner wants and desires with ads and commercials. Once they looked into the screen the computer knew your name and used it to try to sale what it wanted to you. This movie depicts a virtual reality that may become an actual reality.