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DAYS OF OUR LIVES | Belle Cheats on Shawn

It is safe to say that soap operas are full of drama and that is why many viewers find them entertaining. This particular pop culture artifact is timeless for it started in the days of radio and then was later broadcast on television. In the scene above from Days of Our Lives, Belle confesses to her husband, Shawn, she cheated on him before they were married. Belle's adultery counters the belief of monogamy and marital values. Inflected oppositional is the appropriate reading for the artifact, because society may say cheating and lying is morally wrong, but unfortunately it is not an unheard idea. Viewers may enjoy watching the drama, but they certainly do not wish to have such distress, and may unconsciously or conscioulsy support the status quo of an ideal monogamous rapport.

Just like American soap operas, Latino soap operas or also known as Novelas by Latinos started off on the radio as well, the only difference is that unlike American soap operas that where one soap opera has been on for years and years, Latino soap operas start and end to have a whole new novela start again. All novelas have "different" stories but with almost the same plot, the protagonists fall in love, the antagonist do everything to split them up, but in the end the protagonists get back together and marry, while the antagonists either go to jail or die in some way. Novelas are very predictable making them a preferred reading and also a form of escape/entertainment, especially for the women because the always make the "Galan" (male protagonist) handsome and although there is high drama throughout the novela it ends happily ever after. The picture I chose (above) comes from a Novela that has recently ended and the one below is from another one that will start in the same time slot as this last novela.

Weekly promos are used for soap operas in order to heighten anticipation for the upcoming storylines. The promos can sometimes make or break the ratings for a particular week, which shows that our society is driven by what interests them for a certain period. General Hospital's ratings were lower than usual right before this promo was released, so the producers were depending on this promo, which was one of three that were released over a two week period, to boost the amount of viewers. The promo was even shown on other cable networks which is usually rare. These aspects of the soap opera business incorporate the power, profit, and pleasure that define pop culture. In this case, viewers are central because they have the power to increase or decrease ratings, they contribute to the profit that particular soap operas obtain, and they are the ones seeking pleasure day by day.



Grey's Anatomy is a great example of a modern prime time soap opera. Not only is the "medical" aspect of the show in the background compared to the romance aspect, but the show drags out stories that can last up to several months. This show is very high in drama and it is pretty easy to predict that every episode will have some sort of over-the-top conflict (and most likely a sex scene). There can be a huge fiasco with characters fighting and arguing with each-other, and by the next episode it is as if nothing ever happened. Sorry to say it, but Grey's Anatomy is definitely a soap opera.


The artifact I chose was a clip from a scene in a Soap Opera called The Young and The Restless. In this scene The female character Sharon has a secret she needs to tell the male character (Nick). Sharon is pregnant with Nicks baby but has led him to believe that the father of the baby is another man. In every soap there are plots centered on sex and its problems/complications. This scene expresses one of the soap characteristics which is Continuity. You watch to find out how other characters are going to re-act to someones secret. It also leads to another Soap Opera characteristic which is redeption, at some point the characters are forgiven. Which in this case Sharon will eventually be forgiven for the secret she kept.