This video of Miley Cyrus's 2009 Teen Choice Awards performance raised quite a lot of controversy. First of all, Miley Cyrus is so closely related to Disney, and has a lot of younger fans-the majority of them being young girls. I have a hard time understanding why she would put on such a scandolous, sexy show for her young fans. A lot has to do with her slowly tapping into her sexuality as a woman. Although Miley isn't even 18 yet, she has the life experience of any grown woman, and it is obvious here that she is struggling with upholding her "good girl" image while still trying to grow into her own body. Regardless, as a performer, she is catering to a younger crowd and until that demographic changes, she should stick to the high tops and jeans. Miley has all the potential to graduate to a older audience like former pop stars of other generations. For example, Britney Spears was my favorite pop star when I was in Jr High, and ever since she's changed her image over the years, and her sexuality has evolved, I still enjoy her music as an adult.

Because media exploits and objectifies women to such a great extent i believe we have a blind eye to the effects media has on men. As discussed in class men define what it is to be a man as not being a woman but the media has a much larger definition of masculinity. In this clip Jackson Katz talks about the pressure that media places on men to "fit in the box" of male stereotypes. If a man fails to fit in this box then he is out casted and labeled as a wimp, fag, wuss, sissy, etc. Katz concludes the clip by stating, "we need to break the monopoly of the media systems, that we have been looking at, where mostly rich white me dictate to the whole society the kinds of images and stories of menhood that surround us." I would like to take that thought to a more universal level and say we need a healthier more divers image of human kind. All we see in media is extremes of a stereotype and we need to create healthier images for our society.

This is a clip from the movie "Friday". I put this clip in to show the example of the "Hot Mamma" from the lesson on Single Black Women. There is cursing so if it offends you. . .dont watch. As you watch this scene you can instantly see that this woman knows what she is doing. She is trying to be seen. Ms. Parker shows all the characteristics of a Hot Mamma. She is dressed like a slut, sexually insatiable, and lives to have sex. This is also an example of Exhibitionism- because she likes to be looked at. It looks as if she is getting sexual pleasure out of it. The men in the clip are demonstrating Scopophilia where as they are getting sexual pleasure out of looking at her.

Erykah Badu - How to Make it in Music as a Female
I have chosen to post a video of Erykah Badu discussing what women need to do in order to make it in the music industry. An interesting point of view, however it appears to be very true. Sexuality is the golden ticket to get yourself out there. Let us take a great example from Mariah Carey, who when she first started off in the music industry was covered in mostly black during performances and dawned a natural curly hairstyle. A few years deep in the game, she dove into the pool in her "Honey" music video that showed her swimming in a revealing swim suit, STILLETOS, and straight hair. From that point on, we have seen the same thing from Mariah and she has continued to be in the media spotlight. It is unfortunate that woman in the music industry have to conform to the patriarchy that dominates the world in order to pursure their dreams of making music. In a world that should be equal, it is hard to recognize any improvements when women are always having to result to use that which harms them in order to get ahead in life.


'the L word' was the TV series that ran from 2004 to 2009. 'the L word' refers to Love, Liberal, Lesbian or a lot of words with the letter L. This show portrayed the community of lesbian, bysexual and transgender people,their friends, family, and their lovers in LA. Compared to other lesbian shows which is for the guys who have a fantasy of lesbians, this show was more like about real live lesbians who live in our society. Not only lesbian sex that people would expect the most from the show, It also dealt with a bit uncomfortable issue like transgender gay and his pregnancy. So, this show is a good example of subverted oppositional reading.


external image 6a00cdf3aaad25cb8f00e398a9d44f0004-500pi
Here is a picture of actress Vanessa Hudgens. She is one of the many celebrities that have come under fire for the surfacing of inappropriate pictures and/or videos. She appears to be very young in this picture. While I'm not condoning these pictures, I feel it's sad that the entire world has them at their disposal and uses them to judge her as a person. Many teenagers experiment and try to act older while coming into their own sexuality and adulthood. Most likely, she took these photos for a boyfriend and they ended up being posted for the world to see. This is one danger people are realizing about "sexting". When someone sends an inappropriate text or picture text message, the texts are never completely gone. LeGrand-


This is Jenna Jameson. She's a former pornstar and by most, the face of the pornography industry. I decided to choose her as an artifact of pop culture of sexuality for two main reasons. One being the fact that she made herself into a house hold name by crossing through the underground pornography industry into the mainstream public eye where the majority would usually shun her image and what she stands for. The second reason being just that: she has become such solidified artifact by way of breaking through the unaccepted (by right wing nuts and their comformist followers) industry of porn and set herself as a house hold name. Since then she has proven herself a capable woman of entrepenuership, philanthropy and activism upon her own image of an artifact of pop culture sexuality.


Rehab:Party at the hard rock hotel on truTV

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock hotel is a great example of popular culture sexuality because it reinforces the stereotypical ideology, that women are only identified and valued by their bodies and not their intelligence. Party at the hard rock follows the daily routine of the hottest pool party in the sexiest city Las Vegas. The cast includes the cocktail waitress, security guards and management. But plot of the show follows the daily drama of the cocktail waitress, who all are dress in very revealing bathing suits emphasizing women's breast and ass. They are not valued by their intelligence but how good they look in a bathing suit. These women than become a form of entertainment and enjoyment of mostly for a male audience. Especially in the show itself, when the pools GM tells the cocktail waitress to do whatever it takes to make the sale. By either flirting with someone they would never talk to or find attractive, to having an arraignment with men that if they bought a bottle they could do a body shot off of them and finally being making the men feel like they are important and powerful.


This Trojan Commercial is a perfect example of sexuality because it emphasizes the stereotypes of gender and sex. The commercial makes it seem that it is unnacceptable and unattractive that men at bars looking for women that don't have condoms are pigs, and are not worth looking at. This is sort of inflicted oppositional, because men don't want to think themselves as pigs if they don't carry condoms with them, so this advertizement persuades them to look a certain way. Once a man goes to the condom suspense machine he is no longer a pig. It represents Popular Culture because of how familiar our society is with sex, and the precautions that need to be taken in order to protect oneself. Trojan does a good job in representing what ladies might think in their mind when they know that a man is not prepared. Christina-

=external image pamela_anderson.jpgPost popular culture exemplars of sexuality The once popular TV show Baywatch featured ocean lifeguards working the local beaches to keep the waters safe. The actors in the show represented "sexy" looking people while on the job such as Pamela Anderson. However as we all know a "lifeguard" looking like this would never be allowed to wear such a uniform and expose themselves in this type of way. This can give young children and even teens a misrepresentation of what lifeguarding is about but more importantly what people are supposed to look like while on the job in coastal areas. Pamela Anderson has arguably become more of a sex symbol than anything else in her career which leads Baywatch into something more than a "lifeguard" TV show. Vaickus- ----


Playboy Magazine is an artifact of popular culture because it is an object that is internationally known and increasingly popular. The magazine goes against the hegemonic norm in many different ways, making me believe that it is subverted oppositional. It deals with sexuality because inside the cover you can find a large amount of nudity and talk about sexual topics. Another reason I see it as being subverted oppositional is that you have to be “of age” to purchase the magazine and it is usually hidden in most general stores. In this generation, it is beginning to be glamorized, but it was not that way in the past. Many people call the magazine perverted and the girls who pose in it easy. Either way, Playboy has been around for decades and has a large group of fans, which will continue to grow as the years go on.

lady_gag.jpg lady_gaga,_red.jpg

Lady Gaga, lady or gentleman ? The artifact here is Lady Gaga a fairly new recording artist who has been topping charts with her music. She is very well know and is only becoming more and more popular with her crazy outfits and sometimes odd behavior. Lately fans have been questioning whether or not Lady Gaga is a lady. This would be showing counter-hegemonic ideologies since celebrities are usually known to be male or female, not both (except for Jamie Lee Curtis). I would consider Lady Gaga to be inflected oppositional as well, sort of challenging the status quo, seeing as she is a celebrity and is seen as being very successful and talented, typical of celebrities. This relates to sexuality because she presents herself as a "Lady" yet due to pictures and a video her fans as well as others in the public are questioning her sex. Lady Gaga today may even be considered by some to be a "factory kid" reminiscent of Andy Warhol's Silver Factory. Warhol incorporated transgenders as well as same sex relations in his videos, ignoring social norms. Similar to Andy Warhol, Gaga is disregarding social norms when it comes to the questioning of her sexuality. She is not denying it however, her ambiguous statements are causing confusion among audiences. The majority of "typical" celebrities would act promptly in setting the record straight. While the pictures are very convincing some of her other outfits seem to show all and prove she is in fact a female. In today's society we are very rarely aware of hermaphrodites and tend to think of others as either a man and or woman, never both. I think that if Gaga is a hermaphrodite it would only bring about more open mindedness which society could use improving in.

The rainbow flag is known as a gay symbol. Rainbows now have a commonly shared meaning of homosexuality, and has become a symbol of pride for gay lesbian bi and transgendered individuals. The rainbow image can be seen on car bumpers, flags, signs, and has wide universal meaning. For example when you see a car with a rainbow on its bumper you assume it is a gay, lesbian, bi, or transgendered individual driving the car, or a supporter for gay rights. What it symbolizes can also be abused like any symbol can, like being crossed out on posters at an anti gay demonstration. Either way, when the rainbow flag is seen there is no question what it symbolizes.

The above video I posted is for the song "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne. I feel like the video and hip-hop itself are now moving away from the blatantly degrading images it created for women earlier in the decade, but they still communicate strong sexual messages through innuendo. Many rap and hip-hop music videos used to have "video vixens" prance around half-naked in nearly every setting; now those images of women and their sexuality have taken a back seat to the innuendo that these rappers now use in their music. The prevailing message in the song is, "she licked me like a lollipop" and this chorus is repeated throughout the video. Sex is a major selling factor to many artists, regardless of whether the performer is male of female they use sex appeal to sell records and merchandise. What many people that listen to hip-hop take for granted is that many of our popular songs that can be heard on the radio today revolve around the topic of sexuality. Sex sells, and for Lil Wayne this song was a top hit for his album that sold over a million copies in just its first week, making Lil Wayne a pop culture icon.

Victoria's Secret Angels
The Victoria's Secret angels have become an artifact of sexuality. Many women have come to believe that in order to be beautiful and "sexy", that this is the way that they should look. I know too many women who tear out ads of these models and tape them to their walls, planning to diet and have bodies just like theirs. From their yearly fashion shows on ABC to their sexy television and magazine advertisements, these models have become an artifact of sexuality. They have become what is desirable to men and to women.


Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila is a great example of a popular culture sexual artifact. She has won the title "most popular artist on Myspace" and also had her own reality t.v. show: "A shot at love with Tila Tequila," where several different men and women competed to win over the bisexual singer, actor, and model's love.Tila even wrote her own self-help book, Hooking Up with Tila Tequila: A Guide to Love, Fame, Happiness, Success, and Being the Life of the Party, just going to show that she is the model of the "fierce, sexy, hot woman" that some people strive to be. Tila Tequila is definitely a sex symbol these days, so much so that both men AND women desire her for her good looks, wild personality, and rockin' body.


Gay pride festivals are an example of sexuality in popular culture. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are finding themselves more accepted and thus able to express themselves more feely. Festivals like the one held annually in Long Beach are becoming more and more common. These festivals are an example of a subverted oppositional reading.

The Slanted Screen is a documentary that explores Asian men in the media, or rather, the lack of Asian men in the media. When most people think of sexuality, it's very rare that they think of Asian men, unless they are speaking of the stereotypical effeminate Asian male image that is often presented in American pop culture. This film starts with silent films from the 20's and speaks of a film star by the name of Sessue Hayakawa (a Japanese man who played leading roles in American films) who had women of all races rushing to the theaters to see him - in the 20's! Then it goes into detail about how Hollywood decided to de-sexualize the Asian male in it's films which is still reinforced in pop cultural images to this day; seems like progression for the Asian male has gone backwards since then. If Asian males are presented as unattractive, asexual, overachievers who cannot seem to speak English properly, their sexuality is being questioned by the American public who is highly influenced by this hegemonic machine called pop culture. These hegemonic ideologies presented in American pop culture along with cultural practices/policies have mentally embedded into peoples' minds for nearly a century that sexually appealing can't be Yellow, it has to be White. The Slanted Screen is an important artifact because it gives it's audience a peek into how the power of pop culture can sexually marginalize a certain culture while promoting the sexual dominance of another.


Sexy Cartoons
Are cartoons really for the youth? What type of messages do they give off to their audience? I’m pretty sure almost everyone has seen the Roger Rabbit cartoon; and if not I’m sure they have seen his wife Jessica Rabbit. As you can see Jessica is a portrayed as a very sexy girl that has a very small waste, big breast, and a very skimpy dress that makes her seductive. It seems as though she is performing a gentlemen’s club because there are only men in the audience, not to mention with their mouths open. And not to mention that the only other female that is shown is Betty Boop, who also has a very sexy appeal. Jessica’s entire role in the cartoon is to come off as seductive. Children watch these cartoons and get “ideas” of how a female is supposed to act and look like.



In reference to sexuality, I chose the artifact/movie by Spike Lee, "She's Gotta Have It." I believe this artifact is a subverted opposition reading because it goes against the status quo. In today's society it is generally accepted for a man to be considered a "player," he is said to be, "sowing his royal oats," or simply, "being a man"; where as if a woman were to have more than one lover, she is viewed as undesirable or labeled a "whore." Spike Lee's, "She's Gotta Have It" is a humarous, sexy and definitely unique film. Lee himself plays the role of Mars an eccentric, comical, juvenile, immature jokester; one of heroine Nola Darling's three lovers. Though I am not sure Lee would describe himself as a feminist, this film looks at "promiscuity" from a distinctly liberated point of veiw. Perhaps women need more than one man to find the ideal, Lee wonders, because it takes several men to make up a complete person. He opens a window, giving his audience a vision of what one could consider, in my opinion, a modern feminist. Whose empowerment is conveyed through her free spirited sexuality, and liberated independence economically and mentally. Spike Lee's representation of a young middle class minority women, Nola Darling, and her promiscuous sexuality, emphasizes her empowerment and liberation as a women; creating in my opinion, a heroic modern feminist mystique. Villanueva-

Las Vegas has become one of the most visited and desired place to go for a quick getaway to free yourself. Besides the casino, delicious buffet, endless nights at bars and clubs many of us can't forget the sexy Las Vegas showgirls. Sexuality in Vegas is surely a main attraction on its own. From their seductive dancing to their bare clothing being as sexy as you can be is encourage. Sexuality among men and women has grown substantially through the years. It is no longer the traditional house wives but the exact opposite, many woman in Vegas work their late hours in the most provocative outfits, serving alcoholic beverages. Women especially in Vegas have all evolve into sex symbols and exotic accessories demanded in casino, club, bars, and even shows. So it is no surprise why Vegas is called "Sin City".

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

Drake is an up and coming hip hop artist popular for his metaphoric lyrics and seductive music videos. Drake's first single, "Best I ever had", is an uplifting ode to a woman he is dating. He informs her that she is the best woman he's ever dated, and she stands out from other women he has previously (or currently) dated. Unfortunately, the music video does not depict the moral of the song. The lyrical content is overshadowed by half naked women exercising in slow motion. The video has nothing to do with the song because the producers only focus on sexuality. The camera slowly gazes at the women, making them seem as objects. Pop culture has made women seem as sexual objects used to enhance the entertainment value of movies, music videos, commercials, etc. while lacking true creativity and artistic value.

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When thinking on the topic of the male gaze and how entertainment caters to such idealisms the first pop culture artifact I could think of was a Carl’s Jr. ad. Carl’s Jr is notorious for catering to men, both by feeding their stomachs, and feeding their senses. I as a woman feel disgusted after watching how much Carl’s Junior objectifies woman, especially by stating “More than just meat” If you notice the camera pans on this woman’s hands, as she softly grazes things like spices. She drips sauce all over herself, and then proceeds to lick herself clean. The only audience I feel that this commercial really advertises to is men. I would assume the men would be from 15-30 year olds.




The movie Broke Back Mountain, featuring two of Hollywood's sexiest men, caused quite a bit of controversy due to its counter-hegemonic nature. The film is a different kind of love story, one between two men. This isn't the kind of homosexuality that we are used to seeing in the mass media. Common portrayals of homosexual men in the mass media generally include the girly-gay guys, like the characters in Will and Grace. Usually homosexual men are seen as more feminine, and very easily and recognizably gay. That stereotype has become acceptable. The type of relationship in this movie was shocking because it is not something we are comfortable with, and the movie itself highlights the actual struggles that gay people were faced with in the past, as well as, the social problems they still face today.

The video game Mass Effect garnered a lot of attention and negative press from many media outlets, claiming that the game included explicit acts of pornography, or that players could engage in sexual relations pretty much at will. Fuel was added to the fire in that the main character could be made to be either male or female, allowing players to engage in bi->


The song "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" by Khia is a great pop culture example of sexuality. The entire song is about sex and foreplay. In this song Khia is very explicitly telling her suitors exactly what she wants to be done to her sexually. She is very descriptive and during the video she is portraying sexuality nonstop; whether it be laying on a chair by a pool or dancing with multiple men in a club. This example of pop culture would be seen as a subverted oppositional reading since in our culture the status quo is having the man dominate sexual relations and be in charge.


This young female adult shares a spoken word poem entitled “Pussy.” At first it seems a little demeaning and derogatory, but she is obviously really open with her sexuality. She describes the uncontrollable feeling in her vagina, then she goes deeply into her woes of finding a satisfying, and perfect counterpart to fulfill her undying need. Her expression of this need offers a subverted oppositional reading because it is not often that a woman opens up and verbally expresses her particular sexual desires where there is no man to objectify her. She is almost objectifying the male penis in this poem, which is also not often done. She is also one of the few women that accept the word “pussy” and do not take it to a derogatory offense, but use it as almost a sense of empowerment.



The Pop Culture artifact I chose in the subject of sexuality was Marilyn Monroe. I chose her because since her first appearance on screen in 1946, she has been seen as a sex symbol. In almost every media image of her she seductively looks at the camera or is dressed provactively. The image I posted above shows Marilyn smiling as her dress flies up exposing her undergarments. In reality most woman would not be smiling if this happened to them, but instead Marilyn is seen embracing it and getting pleasure out of it and in essence this is why she is seen as sexy. She essentially set the bar on what a sex symbol is or what a sex symbol should embody. Almost every individual has seen the image of Marilyn Monroe that I posted above. There are also many female celebrities that are considered sex symbols today that try to emulate Marilyn's behaviors or are seen dressing up as her. Two such celebrities are Madonna and Lyndsay Lohan. Lyndsay Lohan who is a current day celebrity who could also be considered a sex symbol has said that Marilyn Monroe is one of her role models.


You Tube

The artifact that I chose was a You Tube video of a Dove commercial. Dove began a Beauty Campaign several years ago to promote self-esteem in women. The commercial that I chose is called Dove Evolution. It depicts a woman who is a model getting ready for a photo shoot; from her hair to her make-up and then to the final picture. After this picture is taken it follows the editing of the picture on a computer screen. Her eyes are enlarged, neck elongated, lips become fuller, and hair perfected, among other things. The final edit of the picture is then placed onto a billboard on the side of a street. This commercial shows that the woman in the picture does not in fact exist. Women feel bad about themselves because they don't look like the models that they see in commercials, magazines, and billboards. They believe that they need to look like them to be considered sexy, beautiful, or to be considered attractive by men. I think this commercial is incredibly important for all women to see so that they know that models don't actually look like they do in their photos. Media portrays that women should look "perfect" and be a size 0, which is nearly impossible. All different types of women can be considered sexy and beautiful when not judged by medias standards.


The pop culture artifact I chose is a book that features stories told by a video model by the name of Karrine Steffans. In this book she reveals many of the sexual experiences she had with the many hip hop artists that she was involved with. This is a perfect sexual, pop culture, artiface because she reveals things that are usually untold by many of the women that are involved in hip hop videos. In the world of rap/hip hop today, many artists make songs that are targeted toward sex, drugs, and alcohol yet many people forget about the behavior that goes on behind the scenes. In this book, Karrine exposes what she experienced behind the scenes and tells all in this book.

external image loveline10p.jpg

Loveline with Dr. Drew, a syndicated radio show that airs during late evenings is an important pop culture artifact under the sphere of sexuality because it provides an open platform for people of all ages- particularly young adults- to discuss and ask questions regarding love and sex that they'd otherwise be embarassed to bring up in other settings. Loveline promotes healthy attitudes towards sex because it transformed sex talk and the act of sex itself into something much less taboo by breaking uncomfortable barriers and bending traditional mores. Female listeners could call in to the station and ask a male doctor questions about sex, health, or relationships without fearing judgement. Loveline also reduces the levels by which individuals are sexually ostracized by reconstructing "abnormal" behaviors or habits as being much more normal and common than how they were being previously perceived.