The Amazing Race is a reality television show that begins with 10 couples racing against each other to be the first to reach various points of interests. There journey takes them all around the world and introduces many of them to cultures and locales the teams have never encountered. The show is intriguing because the viewer witnesses the best and worst of people in a variety of situations in a variety of ways. The show highlights relationship obstacles between married couples, dating couples, straight couples, gay couples, siblings, fathers and sons, mothers and sons, best friends and co-workers. So in one hour a person can witness competitive strategies, relationship turbulence, ignorance, all while seeing other parts of the world.

The great thing about the show is that anyone can do it, literally. Some friends of mine actually created an amazing race for a group of us and while ours lasted only Friday night through Sunday evening we experienced personally many of the challenges and competitive obstacles as seen on the show. It can be a great teambuilding experience from some and the end of a friendship for others.


What Not to Wear is an artifact in popular culture and in reality television because of its criticism on people who have a bad fashion sense. This is a hit TLC show featuring Stacy and Clinton who are the hosts of the show influencing others with a bad fashion style into getting a new style to make them a better looking person. The contestant gets tips and advice from Stacy and Clinton and has to trade in their wardrobe in exchange for five thousand dollars to get a new one. This reality TV show entertain us because it lets us escape and gives us satisfaction for the person who is getting a makeover to help them become more attractable.

The VH1 reality TV show "Flavor of Love" is about a late 80's rapper, Flavor Flav from the group Public Enemy, and his quest to find "true love." On this show women are competing for Flavor Flav's "love". However, most of the women have their own hidden agenda's, to either gain publicity, sell their single, or become a "model." These women would stop at nothing to win the different challenges to gain a date with Flavor Flav. VH1 portrayed Flavor Flav as being an ignorant rapper, who does dumb things. They create different situations for him that would prove this stereotype. When Flavor Flav first entered the hip hop industry he was part of a political conscience rap group & wanted a change in the black community. However, Flavor Flav will be remembered most for being an ignorant black male on a reality TV show. Batino-

MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge is a competitive game show that centers around past cast members of both Real World and Road Rules, competing in physically and emotionally difficult games in an effort to win a large sum of money. While participating, cast members are secluded from their friends and family, usually in another country, in a large house with all the other players. Here the cast is unable to enjoy simple pleasures such as television and telephone privileges. The only means they have for entertainment while being virtually trapped in this highly explosive environment is copious amounts of alcohol – provided and paid for by MTV – and each other. This in turn creates tension and irrationality that leads to erroneous sexual hook ups, deliberate lies and backstabbing, and ultimately knock-down, drag out fights.
In this clip we see two extremely competitive, inebriated cast members go at it, with the encouragement of the other players and MTV alike. This is an example of pop culture because we are able to sit in on other people’s lives and be entertained at their expense. MTV is communicating to us this Occluded Preferred reading so that we can feel superiority over these low lives, and feel better about ourselves. These cast members are young people just like many of us, and in that way they are relatable, but the unnatural way that they live while on this show makes them an object or artifact that is puppeteer-ed by MTV for our entertainment.


The show Survivor is produced in many countries all over the world. Survivor takes players and isolates them in the wilderness. While on Survivor the goal is to outwit, outplay, and outlast other players. In the process you are competing for cash and other prizes. The show uses a system of progressive elimination, allowing the players to vote off other tribe members until only one final player remains and wins the title of "Sole Survivor".
This is a pop culture artifact because it is a form of competition in the R.T.V. world. The players on Survivor have to constantly be watching their backs, because they never know who will blind side them and vote them off. They are also in a setting that is contrived by the producers of the show to get the most out of human interaction.



I chose this show because everyone knows who the Kardashian family is. These girls are the daughters of Robert Kardashian, the attorney for OJ Simpson. Although none of them have done anything significant, they are all banking off of Kim's controversial fame for starring in a sex tape with Ray J. This show is a pop culture artifact because pretty much everyone can name what these girls are up to now a days. Kim is on and off with her sometimes boyfriend Reggie Bush, Khloe has just married LA Lakers star Lamar Odom, and Khourtney is pregnant by her jerk of a boyfriend. Besides these girls not doing so much, I think they have had some positive influence in the pop culture world, they have made it ok to be a curvy woman. These girls are not just sticks but definitely have bodies to work with and by them showing their curves off, I feel like this is one of the good things they are doing.


external image tila-tequila-9.jpg=
This is a picture of reality TV star Tila Tequila. She has starred in her very own MTV reality show titled "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila". On her show, men and women both competed for her "love". The catch was that Tila is bisexual. During the episodes, the contestants competed in challenges to try to win Tila over. Throughout the season, she fell in "love" many times with different contestants. I think that this show is an disgusting depiction of what love truly is. This show pushed the boundaries and went to places that most reality shows wouldn't dare go to. It scares me to think that people wouldn't consider this show to be harmful or offensive in any way. LeGrand-


The T.O. Show

Since the first reality show of MTV Real World, the american pop culture has gravitated to watching other peoples lives. Like many reality shows who follow the lives of pop culture icons, The T.O. Show follows that same format. Terrell Owens a pro bowl football player who's claim to fame are his touchdown dances, sideline antics and post game blow ups. He embodies an iconic pop culture personality that makes people want to watch what he does on a daily bases. The T.O. Show gives insight on Terrell love life, squalling football careers and life after football. Terrell deals with being a single mid-age thirty year old who is juggling two beautiful women and also trying to rebuild his relationship with his ex. fiance. T.O. is leaving the male fantasy, being single in during the summer in Los Angeles with a beautiful million dollar home in the Hollywood hills and partying up the L.A. nightlife meeting beautiful women daily. T.O. is more interesting than the normal person life because of the conflicts and plot lines I've listed above. He lives an exciting life not a boring one like most people and that why people are so intrigue in watching his show.


external image WS.jpg
I chose the television show Wife Swap because I think it is an interesting pop culture artifact that sends a message about women. This show focuses on two families every week, usually the families are the complete opposite and the wives/mothers switch places and spend 2 weeks in one anothers home. I think this show is a representation of the ideology that a woman's role is ultimately in the home. I think that message is missed while watching the show because the families being portrayed are complete opposites in the sense that usually one family is conservative, while the other family is incredibly eccentric,this leads to a sort of comical effect to the show, which helps with audience members having that feeling of superiority, because it leaves the audience member thinking "at least my family isn't that "crazy".


" Extreme Home Makeover
Extreme Home Makeover is a reality TV show that has a special place in pop culture reality genre. Unlike other reality TV shows it gives back to a different family every week in a way that not many other shows can do. There is no contest or prize purse to win, people aren't going around trying to find "love" or going on drinking binges. The show is about people helping people and really trying to "pay it forward" to people that are less fortunate or give all they have to someone or something so they don't really focus on their own situation. This show has been on the air for over 6 years and averaged at one time over 15.8 million viewers per episode. Out of all the reality shows on this pop culture list I think this one really places family values high on their list and more shows should try and achieve this style of format, they bring out the good in people and what people can do when focused on a project together; the population should be focusing on this more.


America's Best Dance Crew
America's Best Dance Crew is a reality show that definitely reinforces pop culture. The premis e of the show is that dance crews from all over the United States compete against each other, having to choreograph unique dance pieces while incorporating dance challenges every week. After each performance, a panel of judges critique the dances and "America" gets to vote on who they think were the best dance crew. I think this show reinforces the pop culture aspect of hip hop. The winners of the show have always been hip hop groups, the dances are almost always to popular hip hop songs, and the judges critiques and America's voting also reinforce the pop culture of hip hop. In many of the episodes, one of the judges, Shane Sparks, has been heard critiquing the dance crews by telling them that they need more hip hop and more attitude in their dances. America's votes that keep hip hop groups in the competition while eliminating other groups such as cloggers or more jazz or cheer based groups also perpetuates hip hop's popularity. The live audience also reinforces hop hop's popularity. The audience always cheers for popular hip hop or "breaking" type dance moves, and they always stand up to sing and dance to popular songs that they know. Because of all of these examples, I believe that America's Best Dance Crew reinforces pop culture - specifically hip hop.


American Idol


American Idol is definitely the embodiment of where reality television and pop culture meet. First of all the contestants represent Americans from all walks of life and show us that anyone can really achieve becoming an "American Idol". So American Idol's ideology is that anyone can achieve the "American Dream" by working hard . The whole concept of the show is to "create" an "American Idol . Everyone in America wants to be on this show or be like the contestants in the show. In the American Idol the contestants sing all the "popular" hit songs and wear all the "popular" clothes. Each contestant has his/her unique sense of style , but it is all carefully handcrafted based on stereotypes. Because of all of these elements American Idol is a pop culture artifact.


“Big Brother” is a popular reality television show that portrays pop culture in America. “Big Brother” is a reality TV Show that has 14 people inside one house. Each person has one objective which is to win the $50,000, but to do that it is up to each house member to vote for who goes home and does not have a chance at the $50,000. Each week there is an event that happens and the winner of that event get to be called the “Head of House” or HOH. This leader does not get to go but has a big factor of who does get to go home. This Reality TV Show pulled in 3.2 million viewers and grabs the ages of 24 years old to 70 years old. The reason why for the big age difference is because of the people that the show picks to be in the house and with the variety of the ages in the house it attracts different age groups. Amerine-Chad


Rob Dyrdek is a reality TV star. His role in pop culture is astounding; anything he does on his show, Fantasy Factory or his previous show, Rob and Big, people emulate. For instance, the flat paint on his SUV, no one ever liked flat and once Rob did it, you saw it more. As well, those Big Black shirts are all over now and soon enough his inept cousin, "Drama", will use the show to fully promote his brand and his product will be popular too. Rob Dyrdek only acquired his fortune from skating and now he's pretty much milked that and focuses on his investments and still has fat endorsements due to his success on his show. If not for him and his popularity on MTV, Big Black or Drama would still be doing essentially nothing. Rob is a genius and knows what makes money and how to make it and what to endorse and what not to. I even saw him along with his crew from Fantasy Factory on a movie poster at Downtown Disney promoting Much like everyone's post in this category, Rob Drydek is known by everyone in our demographic thus making him a reality superstar.


"The Hills" is a popular reality television show that portrays pop culture in American society. "The Hills" carries the ideology that happiness in life is found in having things and that society must always seek pleasure and avoid boredom. The show focuses on a group of high fashion, wealthy, young girls that live in upscale apartments with an endless amount of activities and entertainment surrounding their lifestyle. The show presents its audience with an idea of what is popular and what is not. It provides viewers with the latest styles and possessions, which manifests what young women culture should look like. The show has previously been rated the number one reality television show for girls between the age of 13 and 34, with a total of 4.8 million viewers. These astounding numbers prove that the show is well known and highly popular, especially for young women.

This is a clip from the show
'Project Runway" where Tim Gunn learns the phrase, "Holla at your boy!" from a contestant. "Project Runway" is a popculture artifact because it not only influences the way we dress and view fashion but also introduces slang used by various individuals. The contestants on "Project Runway" are usually very diverse in age and ethnictity. Week after week these contestants are put through demanding challenges by being forced to create intier looks in just two days from scratch and at the end are either praised for their work or ripped apart.
Post popular culture exemplars of reality television here:
This is a photo of the reality TV series "Jon and Kate Plus 8," it exemplifies pop culture in the sense that it about the everyday lives of this couple and their 8 children; twin girls and sextuplets. Normally this would be a relatively everyday family, give or take a few kids. But because of their fame on TV they became an everyday household name. And when their fame started to dwindle, they had a scandal between the parents. This family is now a pop culture artifact.


This is a photo of one of the seasons of "The Bachelorette" cast. "The Bachelorette" is an artifact of popular culture because of its reputation with love. The show portrays love and its ease at which it can be obtained. The show is deceiving in that one woman gets to choose from men all willing to compete for her "love," sending the message that love is somewhat of a game and that it is obtainable in weeks. On the contrary however, I'm sure most of us take longer to fall in love than a couple weeks. "The Bachelorette" while it may have its dramatic moments essentially puts on a facade about falling in love and its rate at which it realistically happens. It encourages quick and painless love and as a result probably has a lot of viewers hoping to go through the same.


external image moz-screenshot-1.pngrealworld.jpg

This is a photo of a season of "The Real World" cast. "The Real World" is an artifact in popular culture and reality television because of its longevity as a show that portrays the lives of young adults in regular society. The show began in the late 80's and has since become a main staple of the television world. It gives the indication that 7 people from random walks of lives can come together in a house, live together for a set amount of months, and work together; while also dealing with whatever issues they have within themselves. However, the life of partying every night, bringing random people home to sleep with, and getting a job handed to you is not often how life is for most adults.


The Girls Next Door is a series about Hugh Hefner's (the founder of Playboy) girlfriends, as they follow them through what really goes on in the playboy mansion. This has become a popculture artifact having to do with reality tv shows, because it went on for 3 more seasons, and though all three girlfriends have left Hef, there are new additions to the new girls next door with new playmates. These type of reality tv series have become pretty popular in the sense that, there is no main objective or goal in mind, its simply just to follow around people who the media may represent as having "interesting" lives, that are a bit different from the norm, and it allows viewers to escape into someone else's lives and be apart of something they may be interested in.



Bravo Television Network in itself is has become a staple in the world of Reality television. Having gone from covering the performing arts 20 years ago, it now focuses on coverage of popular culture artifacts such as fashion (Rachel Zoe), Celebrities (Inside the Actors Studio, My life on the D-List...kinda..poor Kathy), and "A-listers" such as the "Real" housewives of every city with drama. Though they are like all typical reality series, there is no point to any of the shows, it has become apparent (with no shame in their game as well) that these "characters" that are being presented to us are also capitalizing on their new found celebrity. The people on these shows are openly promoting themselves (Kim and her "Tardy for the party song), Rachel Zoe stating how she wants to create a "Brand", and the like are blatantly telling us viewers that they are going to use US to further themselves and their businesses. While we watch these shows to enjoy ourselves, we should be looking at what is really happening in front of us.



American Idol is a perfect example of competition Reality TV. American Idol is the most popluar Reality Television show in the United States. It debuted in 2002 and has continued to be watched and loved by fans. It is currently #1, and has been for five consecutive seasons. The purpose of the show is to find the next singing superstar in America. Auditions are held in cities all over the country, where thousands of people try out. Viewers tune in every week to watch the competition unfold as the 13 finalists are voted off one by one. It's a huge part of pop culture because this show is interactive with its' viewers and allows them to call in every week and cast their vote for their favorite competitor, in hopes to keep them "alive" through the next round of elimination. Millions of viewers participate in calling in and voting, sometimes multiple times per household. People are drawn to watching this show to see people's dreams of being superstars come true, as though they are their own.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are a great example of pop culture. The ideologies that this show carries are that they spend money as if it is never going to run out. People watching this show may believe that all people in Atlanta act this way. The viewers that watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta lives for less than 30 minutes once a week make assumptions about this group of women. The assumptions made may not always be correct. Pop culture is about power, profit, and pleasure. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cover all the aspects of pop culture. Power because the women seek to gain a name for themselves that will give them power in the long run. Profit is also what has the show back on the air for another sense Bravo makes money off of these housewives and the housewives also make a profit because they get the chance to advertise there own business and products on the show. Pleasure is also an aspect of this show it gives these the viewers entertainment as well as an escape from there own reality. These women have become an artifact within the United States because they are well known. The drama this show offers is not desirable to most people.



Dr. 90210 is a popular reality television show that follows the lives of several wealthy Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and their clients. Each episode showcases several patients and the procedures that they have come to recieve from these well-known doctors. This show glamourizes the plastic surgery industry to the fullest extent. It shows the patients unhappy before their procedure and then proceeds to depict them much happier (usually at some party) afterwards. The doctors are also very glamourized. They all have expensive homes, cars, and pretty much anything that accompanies a lavish lifestyle. By having a show like this in the media, the idea of having plastic surgery is made mainstreamed and thus much more acceptable. People from all over the country come to Beverly Hills to see these doctors to undergo major physical transformations. Plastic surgery is no longer limited to celebrities and adult film stars. It has literally become a pop culture amenity. Even the ad for the first-season DVD depicts a much more glamorous life after having plastic surgery. The caption at the top even states that "plastic is acceptable" in Beverly Hills. It is really surprising that something like plastic surgery has gained an immense amount of popularity over the last few years. We definitely have shows like this to blame for contributing to that factor. This pop culture artifact, with all it's sexual connotations, can also be representative of sexualization in popular culture as well.



LA Ink is a popular TV show on the TLC network about a young tattoo artist named Kat Von D who opends her own shop with a group of other talented artists as her employees. Each episode shows the stories of all different people getting thier tattoos. Tattoos have become a culture in its self, from being seen as something negative in the past to now being considered art. It is a show that can be considered Counterhegemonic since it challenged the views on tattoos. It has been a show that has become very popular because it has been socially constructed to be. This show not only attracts those who have a tattoos but those who are entertained by the drama that happens at the shop, which is why it is considered reality television. Between everyone in the shop there has to be some sort of conflic, but at the end of the day the client is always happy with its new piece of art.
De Alba-

external image kelly.jpg
Reality Hell is a new show that gives one person the opportunity to audition for their own reality show, however the catch is they hire fake people that they will be working with, these people put them through hell. They make their lives miserable, forcing many people to turn down the offer of having their own show. If you think about the concept though, it shows how many people in society crave fame. Watching reality show after show about every topic under the sun, gets people thinking they can become famous and make a lot of money doing the same thing. So this show makes fun of those people. I think society needs to not focus so much on becoming famous and making a quick dollar, and applying those efforts to helping society better itself.

Rock of Love is a reality TV show where a group of provocative women compete to win the heart of Brett Michaels. This is a good pop culture artifact because following this show, many similar shows were created imitating this particular show. Also, reality shows such as this give people hope that if they were a "rock star" they too can get women such as those in the show.

For the first time in The Biggest Loser history, YOU got to vote on who competed during the Live Finale! Two players, Roger and Mark, fell below the yellow line, and you helped decided that Roger would join Ali and Kelly as part of the final 3 competing for the big prize. Click through this slideshow to see how much weight this season's contestants have lost since we last caught up with them.Wednesday, April, 9, 2008, 4:9 PM
For the first time in The Biggest Loser history, YOU got to vote on who competed during the Live Finale! Two players, Roger and Mark, fell below the yellow line, and you helped decided that Roger would join Ali and Kelly as part of the final 3 competing for the big prize. Click through this slideshow to see how much weight this season's contestants have lost since we last caught up with them.Wednesday, April, 9, 2008, 4:9 PM

The reality-show "The Biggest Loser" is a popular culture artifact because it perpetuates the norm presented in the media that to be thin is what is desirable and considered beautiful in society. If you have ever watched this television show you will see that the participants generally have low self-esteem and a low perception of themselves, based on their weight. After the participants are on the show and start to sucessfully lose weight, their self esteem appears to become more positive as they receive more postive feedback from those around them. The more they conform to society's norms about what is beautiful, healthy, and desirable, the more happy they become.

This is the cast from the second season of College Hill which took place in South
Beach, Florida. This reality sitcom was about a group of college students that have
been selected to share a house together. Although the participants don’t appear to
be significantly different, their opinions on common courtesies, sharing, and being
helpful tend to clash. Unlike most reality television shows, the goal of these 8 cast
members was not to win money, their goal was to simply get along. The reality
kicks in when all 8 cast members realize that sharing a roof with 7 strangers results
in one thing, DRAMA.

Laguna Beach was an extremely popular reality show documenting the lives of several teenagers living in Orange County. The show focused on love interests, popularity, and drama of course. The show focused on situations and trends which led the viewers to believe that this was the real way to live. Two characters Kristen and Lauren were often face to face competing for their love interest Stephen. Viewers of this show became enthralled and with every episode began choosing a team- Kristen or Lauren. Lauren Conrad got her start on this reality show, and it is safe to say that this is where her fame and popularity started. So many girls look to Lauren as their role model based off of what she did and said in this show, without knowing what she is really like. Laguna Beach had a very high fanbase, and was so popular that the main character Lauren Conrad actually started her own spin-off, The HIlls which is still on today.

The artifact here is a graffiti piece done by an artist known as Banksy. Banksy is a British street artist who is widely recognized for his stencils featuring striking or humorous images and sometimes slogans. Some common themes for his artwork are anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment. In this piece I feel as though reality television is being depicted and in a negative light. I would consider this to be a hegemonic, preferred reading where the status quo is being supported in an extreme way. Banksy is depicting "docusoaps" and trying to show the “producer made drama” of reality television. This would also be showing “edited footage of unscripted actions”, where the producer is holding back the red cross (or medical attention) who is trying to get to the little girl who is obviously in need of their attention. This image is also showing a scene that is undesirable, in the case of the little girl, inappropriate, as for the producer holding back medical attention, and bad, the issue of portraying an innocent girl who has just been through a devastating event that seems to have left her alone. Banksy draws attention to the "real reality" of the piece with the color red on the little girl and the guys that have come to assist her medical needs. Without the producer altering reality they would have been able to reach her and in real life help her out.


external image Tool_AcademyLogo.jpg

Tool Academy 2 is the new season of Tool Academy on Vh1. The premise of the show is to get "bad" boyfriends to become Prince Charming by putting them through many weeks of relationship counselling and training. Their unsatisfied girlfriends nominate them to be on a fake show called "Mr. Amazing" tricking the men into signing up. Once the men agree to participate their bad behavior is videotaped and their girlfriends are shown the footage so the healing process can begin. This show paints men in a bad light and makes it look as though women are never the ones to affect the relationship negatively. The men have all cheated in the past, but the women are seen as pure and innocent and the boot camp is to whip the men into shape to break away from their "Toolish" sterotypes. In some cases the women are worse than the men but the main focus is drawn to the men and how they behave when their girlfriends are not present. This is a good pop culture artifact because it gives women hope that one day (after a strict boot camp) their boyfriends can be the men they want them to be.


Ballon Boy: Boy in Balloon Was Hoax

In an attempt get a Reality TV show Richard and Mayumi Heene stagged an ellaborate hoax by reporting that their son Falcon Heene floated away in a man made helium ballon. Discovered to be a hoax when the young boy accedently told reporters that they did it for a TV show, the couple now faces felony charges. Millions of people watched while the ballon floated in the air, all the while temporarily shutting down Denver International Airport as well as wasting the authorites time and resources. It just shocks me that this was all done to get a reality TV show.


Who would of thought watching others live their lives can be so interesting? Reality television has grown to be one of America's favorite so called "Drama". The example I chose is the show, Real Chance of Love". It is ironic that we enjoy others making a fool of themselves in order to make us feel better about ourselves. Many of these people are just like us but chose to test their luck on television whether it is for experience, exposure, or hopes of easy fame. They are willing to do the extreme and push the limit for millions to see. Sometimes the go overboard and actually get embarrass. But even the most outrageous thing you thought you seen, another season begins or a new show airs and they prove you wrong. There are people out there who will do whatever it take, in front of millions over and over again to get what they want.

The examples I that chose for this section share the wall with many other competition reality shows out there, they are Wipeout and American Gladiators. Growing up myself I remember watching American Gladiators, I also remembering telling myself that once I was of age to be able to participate that I would audition because I wanted to be able to go up against those gladiators and defeat them. American Gladiators just like Wipeout have become a form of entertainment for people to either escape or have a sense of superiority depending on which way the participants are heading (winning or losing). It was something to watch because you wanted to see ordinary people go up against these gladiators or obstacles and make total and complete idiots out of themselves if they could not win or see them become winners. These types of shows are best when you are feeling down because they give you a good laugh (sense of superiority) and who does not want a good laugh?american-gladiators.jpg

RobBig.png Rob & Big image by elmntska5
RobBig.png Rob & Big image by elmntska5

Rob and Big was a tv show about a profesional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his body guard Big Black who helped him stay away from security guards and was also one of his good friends. Big was not only a security guard for Rob but drove him around and gave him some good advise. His cousin Drama was his assistant but was not very good at it. Rob has the best lifestyle one could have.


The ultimate fighter is a reality television show on Spike TV that helps train and create additional fighters for the Ultimate Fighting Challenge also known as the UFC. This show portrays a hegemonic view for the men and women appearing in the show. The men in the show are either fighters, coaches, trainers, or referees and they all come across as tough bad ass types. The women that appear on the show are there for the sole purpose to objectify their bodies as they wallk around the fighting ring "octagon" with a cardboard cutout to show the audience what round it is in their skimpy outfits. This piece of pop culture allows it's audiences to escape reality and step into the octagon for some hard hitting action for an hour.

Guerrero -


Inside American Jail is a reality TV show on TruTV. This television show focuses on what happens after arrests are made and the suspects are sent to the jail for processing. The show portrays individuals who have been arrested in a hegemonic light. Much like the show COPS, Inside American Jail tells the viewer that the suspects are always wrong, ignorant, low-life people and that law enforcment is always the winner. This is yet another piece of countless law enforcement reality television programming.


I know other people have already put American Idol up as reality t.v. artifacts of pop culture but i wanted to show why it is considered reality t.v. Poor William Hung.. This show is about actual real people unlike other shows that they lable as "reality t.v." anybody can stand in line for hours on end to wait to try out for this show. the best and the worst make it on camera. The sad thing is that this guy has made c.d.s and people buy them. this show is probably the most real of all reality t.v shows because there is no real story line that the producers can script or the "actors" can play out. its just people singing.


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The Real Housewives of Orange County was the first of all the “Real housewives” series. The show is all about women living the ritzy orange county lifestyle, some in search of a man, some with marital and familial problems, yet always looking fabulous to others. The women display their love for money, and it’s importance in giving someone happiness. I displayed this video with hopes that you listen closely to the introduction of the show; each woman talks about her own philosophy or take on life. This is an artifact that supports this glitzy lifestyle with caddy run ins with other women, and the importance of wealth and its link to happiness, and also the importance of looking fabulous by all of the expensive designer clothes and makeup.



"My Life on The D-List." This reality show is starred by the comedian, Kathy Griffin. In this show she depicts celebrites from the popular culture world of media. She makes fun of the "stars" and tries to work her way to the top of the "A-list" and makes fun of herself being on the "D-List." This show plays on the stereotypes of American "Hollywood" culture. It makes people think their is one way show business. This allows the audience to escape the reality of the world they are living in and makes the idea that they can make fun of celebrities as if they know them. This entertains the audience and makes our socialized world even bigger!