News Corporation (News Corp.) is a global media conglomorate founded and run by Rupert Murdoch. The corporation owns assets such as Fox Filmed Entertainment (which owns the likes of 20th Century Fox and other Fox subsidiaries that produce films and television shows),,, publishing firm Dow Jones & Co. that publishes The Wall Street Journal, along with dozens of other entertainment and media companies. News Corp. epitomizes a globalization in that, in the words of Ritzer, it's "The worldwide diffusion of practices, expansion of relations across continents, organization of social life on a global scale and growth of a shared global consciousness." But these descriptions differentiate itself from the terms glocalization and grobalization in that it extends itself more broadly across the globe than a glocalization does but at the same time it doesn't practice insensitivity to difference or overpower the local community that strives for homogeneity. It's a "happy medium" that provides entertainment and communication across the globe where everyone can benefit but at the same time News Corp. thrives on profit, power and pleasure as well as producing those prinicples for the consumers as well.

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The movie Borat show’s a great depiction of Globalization. Borat, a male from a small distant country, comes to America, and experiences the many different things American society has to offer. American society is no longer foreign because of Television and the media. As he enters the United States, he looks for these different pop culture artists. The movie Borat displays globalization to the extreme by over exaggerating different ethnicities and stereotypes. In one clip Borat mocks “rappers” by wearing a baggy sweat suit, and a bunch of chains, and makes a reference to rapper 50 cent. Throughout the entire movie, he has an obsession with Pamela Anderson, and is constantly looking for her. He has an obsession with her by just watching the TV show Baywatch, without even meeting her in person. Although he is from a very small unheard of country he is exposed to different pop cultures around the world through the media.

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The Coca-Cola company is a very globalized company. Almost every country in the world is familiar with Coca-Cola products. There has never been a place that I have travelled where I was not able buy a Coca-Cola. The company sponsors events all over the world. The Coca-Cola bottle itself is very well recognized through out the world, and many people can identify it by its shape without even reading the label. It has become a standard at many bars as a popular mixer, and along with Pepsi, it has become a standard drink at restaurants everywhere.



McDonald's and Starbucks are the epitome of globalized companies! We all know how popular these companies are in the USA, however, they are also that popular across seas. In this photo we see how Starbucks has a global effect due to the use of coffee beans, sugar, and paper source they use to create the entire package they present to you as the "perfect" cup of coffee. On the McDonald's side we see how there are more than four or five spots where there are 10,000 plus McDonald's restaurants. We also see that compared to the 5-11 billion dollars companies such as taco bell, burger king, wendy's, pizza hut, etc.... make in sales McDonald's makes an astounding $41 billion in sales! I think that all of these facts go to show how pop culture has globally accepted a "quick,cheap, and on the go" mentality.



Wal-Mart is a major pop culture artifact being if not the largest, one of the largest “discount department stores” in the world. Founded in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, and having expanded worldwide and operating in countries like Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico, and China. Wal-Mart’s assets totaling over 163 billion dollars in 2007 and was the world’s largest public corporation by revenue in 2008 according to Fortune Global 500. Wal-Mart selling anything ranging from groceries to electronics with competitively low prices just shows how successful Wal-Mart is and why it remains an enormous corporation.


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I believe Starbucks coffee to be a pop culture artifact. It is a symbol that is widely recognized and there is just about a shop in every corner in every city in the U.S. I know that Startbucks is now in Mexico and I would not be suprised if it soon was found in Europe or Asia, if it already has not. It is used in movies and I think it's one of those symbols that speaks for itself. Celebreties are constatly being pictured with this coffee in their hand which is something that attracts more people because there are always those fans who want to do everything they are doing. It becomes free advertising for Starbucks and I think that has a lot to do with how popular this coffee has become.


As the world watched American citizens make history last year as we voted into office our first-ever African American President, Barack Obama, Walt Disney Studios had a little history-making in the process as well. Disney has announced and advertised the release of their newest princess, Tiana; Disney's very first African American Princess, who lives in New Orleans during the Jazz Age. It will begin with the U.S. release on November 25, 2009 and continue to be released in major countries around the world over a span of 4 months, until the last scheduled release date of March 6, 2010 in Japan. It's no mystery Disney has global influence, which is what makes this huge return to 2-D, newest African American Princess release such a huge deal. The only question is: why in the film is the Princess a frog the majority of the time? Is this Disney showcasing their "acceptance of diversity and equality", or assisting in the structure of classes and race in society?


In the Photo above is Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader and Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli leader shaking hands in our nations capital in 1993. Though globalization has much to do with economic integration, there is also a large part due to circulation of ideas. In attempt to make peace in the middle east, President Bill Clinton arranged a peace meeting between the two leaders in order to create an image for the United States as a peacemaking country, in hopes to spread this idea throughout the world, in particular the middle east.



These two images depict how globalization has an effect on the world. The first image which is titled “Fear” shows a large American Flag, painted over the entire world with the focal point being the Statue of Liberty on the top center. The word “Americanization” is printed along the bottom, surrounded by popular logos that everyone would recognize, regardless of what part of the world you are in. The second image shows a family who was traveling and they were each able to get something that was considered an American brand from Paris, London, and Rome. Our American culture is everywhere, and it can be considered a sense of “Fear,” because we are taking over other people’s cultures so that we can make more money. Though some may argue that we are giving other countries a “boost,” corporate America’s mentality is if they expand and increase their wealth economically, we can make more profit from their success.
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This is an advertisement I happened to see while surfing the net. This image is suggesting that one must conform to America’s standards.Even if you are from another culture or another country it is encouraged that you dress like an American. This sounds similar to globalization in that American culture is integrated or forced upon other cultures. This is more like grobalization because it shows how America is trying to dominate the world through imperialistic ambitions. The main intent of this is to conform you and your children into consumers as soon as they arrive in the country by suggesting that “American”, “white”, “and patriotic” is how to be. This ad would convey globalization even better if they were suggesting her to eat a McDonald’s hamburger. Immigrants that come to America should immediately play the “American” role or they shall not fit in. By forcing American culture on immigrants that come to visit on Visas, these immigrants will return home conformed and spread the idea to promote the values, norms, and styles of America. Immigration is vital for globalization.