This is a scene from the TV show Sex & The City. In this scene, the character Samantha is in Richards office waiting to see if she has been accepted for a job position. Richard tells Samantha that she is not getting the job because he heard that she had slept with one of his employees. Her reaction is not to slink away, but instead defend her actions. I feel this is a good representation of male and female stereotypes and the double standards between genders. It has always been okay for men to do exactly what Samantha had done, and while her lifestyle may not that of other women, she makes no apologies.


I find this commercial to be very interesting and a great display of the eternal competition between men and women. This Nike Commercial pits men and women against each other from across the world to see who can run the most. I feel this is a portrayal of women full blown acceptance into the athletic world. When we think of 20 to 30 years ago any such commercial would not have existed. This clip that women can defeat men in an athletic challenge, and that its about endurance and personal effort more than who may or may not be superior.


I chose the famous commercial with Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan competing against each other in different sports. They both compete in their own sport (basketball, and soccer) and then others. Through the whole commercial they are trying to beat each other and prove that they are the best. Also the song that is playing the commercial is the “I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better then you….” They are competing male vs. female, trying to prove that one is the better gender then the other. Both are famous athletes and there is no winner shown, so Gatorade is trying to show that they are equal and if you drink Gatorade, then you will also be amazing and beat your opponent no matter the gender, or fame that they have.


The magazine "Woman's Day" is an extremely hegemonic portrayal of gender roles. Women have always been depicted in domestic settings and concerned with mostly issues of appearance. "Woman's Day" further supports the traditional status quo of men going to work, while women stay at home and focus on their image and domestic roles. The headlines on the top of the magazine read, "How to look thinner..", "50 ways to stretch closet", and "Dresses for girls to sew..". This magazine designed specially for women is only concerned with cooking, clothes, and looking thinner. There is absolutely nothing on this cover about going to work, being involved in the business world, or paying bills. It is subtle messages like this magazine that further enforce socitie's ideals of gender and gender roles. "Woman's Day" supports the status quo in gender roles and fails to display any work or activities that women do outside of the home.


external image urinals.jpg
This picture was quite a shock to see. Right away we can see the gender differences which is what did not catch my eye at first. We can see right away that this is a mens bathroom (urinals in this shot) with pictures of life-size women staring directly at the mens private part. Whats weird and just....weird is that these women who are all very attractive are placed in positions as to watch the men urinate. One picture shows the woman as if she was going to measure a mans penis. Another picture looks like the woman is getting ready to take her clothes off. Another is taking a picture and the woman farthest right is...who knows what she is doing. The point here is that the men are supposed to use their imaginations with these women while peeing which is nothing other than degrading. This picture illustrates women being objectified almost as sex symbols. When looked at closely, every one of these women hint some sort of sexual thought. This picture only adds more to the thought that sex not only sells...but sex is everywhere.

ciara "like a boy" video
This video shows Ciara, a very beautiful singer posing as a boy in her music video. Through the music video, she is dressed in baggy pants, has tattoos all over her body, and wears chains to try and impersonate a male hip-hop star. The one thing that is interesting is that when she is all dressed up, she still has her long beautiful hair down and her makeup done. Also the camera still uses angles and slow motion to make her look sexy even when she is supposed to be a guy. She is impersonating a guy and singing that she wishes she acted like them, but still wants to look girlie. The whole song talks about how if she were a boy things would be easier and the different lifestyles that the two genders have. The song is trying to show how women are treated by a guy that they are dating by transforming Ciara into a boy and switching the rolls. The video still portrays Ciara as more of a female then the dominant male.

Delta Delta Delta's Fat Talk Free Week

Ideal body image is something we are all exposed to since childhood. This video describes how far women have come in society by getting the right to vote, getting equal pay as men, and getting women in high positions such as a Supreme Court Justice, yet women still have major problems with body image. Staggering statistics are provided such as 54% of women would rather be hit by a truck than be fat or 81% of ten year olds are afraid of being fat. The video attempts to combat the hegemonic "thin ideal" and the unrealistic standards fashion models set even though they are thinner than 98% of most American women. It educates its viewers about Tri Delta's international body image and self-esteem program called Reflections, and their week long event called "Fat Talk Free Week." Reflections and "Fat Talk Free Week" promote the "healthy ideal" for women which is different for all women and focuses on being healthy rather than weight or size. One of my favorite quotes from this video is that "we can start the change by simply changing the conversation." By simply eliminating "fat talk" from our everyday conversation we can begin to change the impossible standards society has set for women regarding size and weight.


This commercial is only one of many commercials that Dove has created in response to the out of control body and self images that are being viewed through the media. Dove is giving women imparticular an alternative idea to the status quo of how women should be viewed by others and view themselves. Dove wants people to know its okay to be tall, short, dark, light, plus size, and/or skinny as long as you are happy and healthy than you are perfect just the way you are. In addition to the commercials Dove also offers help to mothers and daughters who want to learn about about how to achieve real self esteem from the inside out by going on line or going to workshops that Dove sponsors.


This video shows a blonde, fashionable woman attempting to order a meal at a library. This plays not only on the "dumb blonde" stereotype of woman, but also on the stereotype that woman lack intelligence. The looks that other patrons of the library give the blonde woman, as well as the woman who is responding to her, show obvious irritation and a lack of belief that she is serious. This reinforces the "dumb blonde" stereotype - that they can continuously surprise you with their stupidity and lack of understanding simple things - such as: libraries do not sell burgers, fries or shakes. This is an example of pop culture because it is a commercial that has been seen millions of times, across America.


This video is for the Shake Weight. If you watch the video and think the same thing I did when you viewed it, you'll understand my first impression of this devise. Despite that, it still fits under gender or even sexuality because Americans are looking for ways to get in shape and look sexy with as little effort as possible. This ad is specifically for women so I thought it would best fit under the gender category. People want immediate gratification and in the culture we live in, especially in Southern California, people "need" to look their best. Apparently the Shake Weight understands the American woman's daily life is no easy chore; taking only six minutes a day she can have toned, sexy arms. There's one available for men too but viewer be warned, it's bigger and harder.



The above image is from the movie "The Proposal" featuring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Sandra Bullock's character is an over the top head strong female boss that forces her male assistant to marry her in order to avoid being deported to Canada due to her expired Visa. The movie lays out that she has always been alone and the provider for herself, which leads her to not allow anyone or anything into her personal life. Gender roles are switched many times through this film as she is the head boss of a large company rather than the standard typical male, she rules her office with an iron fist, and it definately comes across that she "wears the pants". In the movie she actually proposes to her co-star Ryan Reynolds, rather than the traditional role of the male proposing to the female. Of course, as in all romantic comedies she falls in love with her assistant over time and gender roles are returned to normal at the end of the movie when Ryan Reynolds proposes to Sandra Bullock.


Miss Independent (2008) by Ne-Yo completely challenges/reinforces gender inequalities in hip hop. In the music video, Ne-Yo sings about an “independent woman” and the attractiveness of such a woman. Although he is repeatedly affirming the woman as being independent by paying her own bills, and essentially taking care of herself, he is simultaneously sexualizing the other women in his video as they dance around him, and stand in awe of him. Eventually, the main woman in the video gives into Ne-yo and he gets what he wants.

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I chose to post a commercial was called the “Axe Effect”. It is a commercial that is advertising for Axe Body Spray for men. Essentially, in the commercial thousands of women are stampeding through the jungle because they are attracted to a scent coming from the man on the beach. They are all racing and fighting toward the beautiful man because the smell is so attracting. This relates to gender because it categorizes men and women. The women are all beautiful, vulnerable and are controlled by a man who has the attractive scent. As for men, it makes the audience males want to buy the product because they can get all these beautiful women running after the scent which makes them more attractive and in control. This is an example of advertisements where sex sells and men buy these products so they can be with the beautiful man and get all the beautiful women. They can be a little bit more attractive at the end of the day with this product because pop culture is always advertising to influence on how we should look and act and what product can help us to be that way.


This clip is from a 1963 Disney movie called Summer Magic. In this video, Hayley Mills, from the original Parent Trap movie, is singing a song to her friend about femininity. She tells her friend that she must "utilize your femininity if you want to catch a beau..." With this being a Disney movie, it gives out the wrong message that girls must be a certain way and act a certain way if they want to have a boyfriend. This is a pop culture artifact because Disney plays a huge part in the lives of young children and it gives young girls the wrong idea of how to go about getting a boyfriend.

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I chose this Bud Light ad because it portrays how easy it is to get a gorgeous womans number just by having Bud Light with you. Elevator breaks down, offer her a Bud Light, bust a few dance moves and get her number. Almost as if you didnt have the Bud Light in the elevator it would have made the situation awkward and the focus would be on getting out of the elevator, not hanging out. I think this is an example of an Inflected Oppositional reading because for most single men, this would be a nice way to meet a girl, but in reality, for the most <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>, this never happens. Plus this is not every persons ideal way to meet someone. It challenges the status quo, but only just a bit.

rosie_the_riveter.jpgI chose the poster of "Rosie the Riveter" because this slogan was used as a tool to get women into the workplace while their husbands were away at war. By joining the workforce women were being patriotic to their country, and contributing the war effort. This poster still remains a popular culture artifact, because it gives women a sense of empowerment. This is also a representation of women breaking away from the traditional roles, which include housework and raising children.
I chose "If I were a Boy" song by Beyonce Knowles. This is an important music video in popular culture because the singer is pop icon for a lot of people. She influences her audiences through her lyrics and in this music video she is addressing a key concept for genders in our society today. This song addresses the ideology if it were a counterhegemonic society. She explains how if she was a boy she would do things differently in relationships. She explains how in our hegemonic society rules are different for men then they are for women in relationships. She says, "I think I could understand how it is to love a girl. I would listen to her..." All these words explain how gender is an important role in our hegemonic reality. She addresses that "boys" can do whatever they want, but if she was a boy she would prove to her love that things would be different, she would listen to them and be there for them. This shows a counterhegemonic view from others perception of how some women are used to be treated by a male and how gender roles play an important view in our power structure.

by McBride-

Post popular culture exemplars of gender here:

Saturday Night Live - Palin/Clinton Open
This Saturday Night Live skit is a good example of gender in pop culture because this portrays gender in American politics. It shows how the American society/media treated Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton differently from other male candidates in 2008 presidential election. SNL produced controversial skits like this one during the campaign. I remember SNL skits were very influential in public opinions on Palin and Clinton and encouraged many voters to evaluate women trying to take office in White House. I think this artifact represents that women in politics are not still treated equally as men. In American society, sexism is generally an offensive position as racism. We pursue egalitarianism/equal rights in our society, so confronting sexism by the media in this artifact is a hegemonic idea. However, the reason why the media treated them differently could be not only their gender but their personality, popularity, private life or career experience. So, this artifact would be an inflected oppositional reading.
By Suwabe-

These are the symbols for gender, male and female. Female obviously pink, male blue. These symbols are popular culture, they are everywhere. You are either one or the other, they don't leave room to possibly be in the middle, for example transgendered individuals. They are on sometimes on restroom signs, and I doubt you could find an adult who didn't know what they mean. These symbols carry shared meaning and enforce the differences between the sexes.

By "The He-man woman haters club" we can tell how even as young children we are segregated by gender. Children create these "no boys" or "no girls" clubs to show that their gender is superior. These boys grow up to be adult men that make-up our society today; although, they may not meet in a club house these he-man still know keep gender segregated. However, instead of young boys using the slogan "no girls allowed" it has became "this is a man thing" or "only girls would do that" showing how gender roles we learn as children shape how we think of gender as an adult.
By Patterson-

Strong Fish for Weak Women
Advertising is the best way to understand the male-female relation and it is often compared to the parent-child relation in which men take on the roles of parents, whereas women behave like children. Which emphasizes the idea that women are weak and men are strong. In this commercial titled “Strong Fish for Weak Women” we see a woman who looks very tired and weak. She is talking about her husband and how he is telling her that he is fed up with living with her for 25 years and will now leave her for a 19 year old girl. The woman while eating tuna is thinking that naturally like every woman she is weak and fragile, but then says that she is not upset, sad, or angered by her loss and mentions that she will not cry. All of this “strength” is because of the fish she is eating. This commercial emphasizes the idea that women are weak and it also shows other stereotypes about women, such as the idea that women are always suffering, crying, angered, and upset especially when it comes to dealing with men.

A League of Their Own

This movie as a whole exemplifies stereotyped ideas of men and women during WWII. Men played sports and fought for the country. Women stayed home and milked the cow. This movie also challenges the status quo when we see women play professional baseball while the men are at war, however, we also see the gender roles reinforced simultaneously . This particular clip shows the uniforms the ladies will need to play in. During WWII, these uniforms were considered quite dishy and full of sex appeal. These uniforms reinforce the gender roles of a woman's need to be physically attractive, even while playing professional baseball.

Television is a form of media that demonstrates what is popular in our culture. The television show, Friends, exemplifies the cultural norms of friendship and the stereotypical conversations that take place in friendships. This clip shows the difference between how women percieve a certain circumstance verses how men percieve the same circumstance. The clip also depicts how women and men communicate differently by showing how men would tell a story about a first kiss verses how women would tell a story about a first kiss; Women are more detailed oriented and men are usually more straight-forward and to the point. It can also portray gender roles by demonstrating how women and men percieve relationships. This clip demonstrates that women are more emotionally driven in a relationship and men are more physically driven in a relationship.



This is a viagra advertisement. The man in this ad has complete control and power over the woman. Assuming that he has viagra she will be at his disposal and hypnotized and from his powerful spell or trance that he has put on her. This advertisement is accepted because it fits the standard of society. Women are typically thought to be under the control of men becuase they are dependent on them. This advertisement is hegemonic and preferred because it complies with the status quo that men are more dominant and powerful than women in society. This ad objectifies the woman because she is a part of a magic act, like a deck of cards, or a rabbit in the hat would be. The objectification of women is also preffered, butit is occluded preferred. She looks more like an object because she is wearing a long blue dress that covers almost her whole body and blends in with the background of the advertisement.
However, i believe that this photo can also be seen as inflected oppositional because it is slightly different than the status quo that an older man be featured in an advertisement and also that the older man gets the young beautiful girl. It is also a little inflected oppositional to see that a younger woman is under control of the older man, usually the younger woman runs the relationship because the man worships her because he is lucky to have such a young, pretty girl.

Carl's Jr commercial are known for their explicit sexual commerical that involve females chowing down on a burger while wearing a bikini. This is part of pop culture and gender because they target men by having these half naked women eat a burger so men can watch it and crave their Carl's Jr burgers. It can also target women. Women see this beautiful, gorgeous, skinny women eating the burger and it tells them that you can enjoy it and still not worry about their weight.

This is an excellent example of a popular culture representation of gender in the media. These women are all pictured as happy and confident because they have shaved legs. They are gorgeous with ideal bodies and appear to be in control of their life at the moment. They have no worries because they have no hair on their legs. It implies that unless you buy their product, you are not like these women. It also implies that if you guy the razor, you will be a goddess and be attractive to men while in reality we all know it's not as easy as some shaved legs. All these women also have at least slightly tanned legs, showing that they have been out having fun and not sitting at some desk job.

external image Albert_Sanchez_MAC_Girl.jpg

The groundbreaking feature of RuPaul as the first Viva Glam spokesmodel and "It" girl for MAC Cosmetics in 1994 is an important artifact of popular culture because it blurs the lines between gender and forces people to question what it really means to be a woman or what it means to be a man. The campaign was designed to evoke both wonder and shock. MAC's business thrives off the sweeping trend that everyone wants to be a "MAC Girl" and the heart and soul of the company itself is to be as all-inclusive as possible- it's motto is "All Ages, All Races, All Sexes- All MAC." The campaign communicates that anyone really can be a MAC Girl- women, men, and all the drag queens and transgendered individuals in between. RuPaul herself is an important icon in pop culture because her rise to fame has reduced the stigma that surrounds altering one's gender identity and has made it more socially acceptable to recognize those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community as being just as significant as anyone else in the rest of the world.


De Wallen
external image Red-Light-District-Amsterdam.jpg

The Red Light District is one of Amsterdam's prime tourist attractions. It is located south of Centraal Station in one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. In the 14th century, De Wallen still had the same characteristics it has today. In the past, sailors would find company with prostitutes, but now millions of people from all over the world have visited this red light district. De Wallen has about 300 small room cabins that are rented out by prostitutes. The rooms are usually lit with neon colors and the prostitutes are visible through glass doors in order to get clientele (window shopping). Other than the legal prostitution, De Wallen has several sex shops, live sex theatres, and museums. Many movies include this area of Amsterdam and its "ever-so-free" history. It is difficult to comprehend prostitution legality in the United States. Do prostitutes reveal self-empowerment or dehumanization? That is for you to decide. Many other countries also have "red-light districts" and as scary as they may sound, I believe everybody needs to see them at least once.


In the song “womanizer” written by Britney spears lies a perfect example of a gender related artifact. “Womanizer” was an instant hit on the pop culture scene, and describes the male stereotype of being a womanizing machine. In the music video Britney plays the roles of different women that the womanizer persona meets throughout his day. Britney mass marketed the idea of women subjected to womanizing men throughout several levels of life whether it is in the office, at home, or in day to day activities. Britney first plays the role of a woman who acts as his wife, serving him breakfast in sexy lingerie. Then she goes on to play his female counterpart in the office, his waitress, and his driver. Women all across the country felt like womanizer was a relatable song, and Britney helped reveal all of the places in which women have been subjected to being thought of as less than their male counterpart.


This is Caster Semenya, the girl from South Africa who won the 800-meter gold metal in the world championships. After she won people began questioning her gender because many believed she was not a female (sex). Tests were run, and they showed that Caster did indeed have male sexual organs inside of her. This is an artifact that is related to gender because the reason they tested her was because they believed she had many "male" characteristics. This is also why many girls who are strond and play sports are categorized as tom boys. If a girl is anything but "girly" she is seen as different and there must be something wrong with her. After the test results were out the committee said they would not make a decision about letting Caster keep her medal until November of this year. Now that people around the world know about this girls sexual problem there is no way she can keep it private which is incredibly sad because this should be something she can deal with personally and with her family, not the entire world.

This is a picture of snoop dogg on the red carpet at an awards show with girls that have leashes around there neck. I chose this artifact because it shows how most women are treated in the hip hop community. Although these women obviously agreed to doing such a thing it shows how some men view women as being inferior. I would also say that by him having them on leashes is degrading, demeaning, and dehumanizing because he is portraying them as dogs and he is their master.


"Vogue Evolution" was the first openly gay and transgendered dance group to be featured on the popular television series America's Best Dance Crew. The show has seen growing audiences since its premier four seasons ago, and has made its mark on the scene of popular culture. The transgendered firecracker of the group, Leiomy Maldonado, played a huge role in speaking out for the transgendered community. She always made it a point to let the audience and viewers know that it is OK to be different, and encouraged them to be whoever they wanted to be, as long as it made them happy. Vogue Evolution's goal is to empower young Black and Latino gay youth around self-value and self-acceptance, increase AIDS/HIV awareness, and change the lives of the LGBTQ community through the art of dance. They were effectively able to achieve parts of their goals from the publicity they got by being featured on America's Best Dance Crew. Vogue Evolution was able to address issues like gender, homophobia, homosexuality, and acceptance on national television.

Long as we can remember women has always been pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, and speak a certain way. But, in the real world it is unrealistic and a little far fetch. Media and all forms of advertising has been a primary contributor that advocate and advertise this false image of beauty. For example, I choose a video called Photoshop: The Perfect Lie I saw on This video shows the true behind the scene Photoshop where all our favorite celebrities we thought were so perfect is simply a process of editing. I choose this video not to imply that these women are not beautiful without editing but, show that the industry alone is advertising false hopes to many young girl who actually believe in the perfect look. This video like many more such as the recent controversial magazine cover of Flippa Hamilton, Ralph Lauren ex-model, who was supposedly fired because she was considered not skinny enough. Her last photo cover was computerized and altered to portray the supposed perfect skinny fame that ended up looking like an awkward Barbie doll. It sparked outrage because the picture these multi- millionaire magazine companies are promoting was unhealthy and way beyond unrealistic. This is just another example of how little we have changed with what we want to believe women should look like in order to be considered beautiful and in this case it was out right wrong and not to mention disgusting.


The movie Chuck and Larry is about two straight men acting like gay man to receive his pension. This film is occluded preferred because at the same time they are showing that gay men are just like any other person, they are also poking fun at them. At one point they are making fun of the son because he wants to be a tap dancer and has a very feminine side. Both men critizise his actions because he is not masculine enough. Not only is the boy being criticized about not having a masculine side but it seems as though they are proud that the daughter shows a more masculine side. This is a typical double - standard in society today.


Here is the link to my artifact. I attempted to put up the embed code but it kept appearing as a bunch of letters and such.

This is a commercial featuring actress Keira Knightly and domestic violence. This two minute video shows Keira coming home from work then having her husband enact physical violence on her. It is another way in which our society sees gender as the female working under the male. The power of male dominance in relationships and why we continue to hear about so many wives who are beaten by their husbands.



At first glance, the colors pink and blue would never be looked at as a pop culture artifact but with a more objective look, they might just be the most prevalent example of gender out there. From the minute of our birth, the doctors thrust the newborn baby into a colored blanket that corresponds with their gender. Pink for girls and blue for boys. This dichotomy continues on throughout the children’s lives. This picture is a great example of the predominantly pink products that are marketed to girls and the predominantly blue products that are marketed to boys. These two colors have become synonymous with their respective genders in the eyes of pop culture and an objective look shows that these two colors have just as much meaning as the colors black and white.