Sister Sister was the artifact that I chose which is a family television show that was aired on ABC Family channel, Disney, and the WB network. This show is about two long lost identical twin sisters( Tia and Tamera) who were separated at birth and adopted who ran into each other after 14 years. This American sitcom was aired in 1993- 1999 and was a story about both of their adopted parents (Ray and Lisa) moving in together and live as a family. This is an example of oppositional readings ( counter hegemonic) because this is black family who live a wealthy lifestyle , the parents are not married and just acquaintances, and Tia and Tamera get a chance to live together as a family. The parents of the twins Ray and Lisa are complete opposites and can barley tolerate one another which gives the show a funny twist on how this family has to work together for the twins to be reunited again.


I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy is an American television sitcom. I Love Lucy aired from October 15, 1951 to April 1, 1960 but it is still being seen today on TV land. It is one of the most-watched shows in the United States. Lucy Ricardo and Ricky Ricardo are the main characters in the television show. Along with there son "Little Ricky”. This family make up was so different from other family friendly shows. Lucy was an American housekeeper while her husband Ricky was a bandleader who was born in Cuba. In the show he often speaks Spanish. Racial stereotyping occurs in almost every episode but the no much is said about how other feels about their differences. I Love Lucy is a pop-culture artifact because everyone has known and grown up with this show.


The show Cheers became well known from the song that was in the intro of the show. The line 'Where everybody knows your name' was basically the motto of the show. The patrons and workers of the bar became a 'family' of sorts, as the Cheers bar became their second homes. It was their place of escape and the familiarity of the regular patrons and workers became their other family (albeit in a more extended/dysfunctional way). While the workers of the bar changed over the years to replace certain characters, two characters that could be personified as 'brothers' would have definitely been Norm and Cliff.


The Osbournes are a pop culture artifact that had some controversy at one time. Some people were offended at all the profanity being used and the unconventional styles. Other people appreciated the families openness with each other. It was on MTV and aired a few seasons. As a result of the show, the Osbourne kids became cultural artifacts individually as they gained popularity from the show and went on to do other things in the entertainment industry. Even though Ozzy Osbourne was unconventional in parenting, and his mind was fried from drugs, he stilled managed to maintain the role of a father and a husband.

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Lance Armstrong is an unquestionable pop culture artifact. Whether one is a cyclist or not, an athlete or not, a cancer patient or not, everyone knows the name Lance Armstrong and many associate strength, determination, will to survive, and work ethic to this man's name. I chose to post this image in the Family section of this wiki because of these previous statements. Lance has an appeal to everybody, whether it is a young child who has dreams of becoming a professional athlete, or another child who has a serious illness; Lance is somebody they can look up to. Also even grown men and women, mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas can relate to Lance....Everybody faces problems in their life, big ones and small ones, and no matter what the issue may be people look to the way Lance handled his problems of overcoming the cancer that was taking over his body by using his determination and will. When his cancer treatment was finished, no only did he do the unthinkable of getting back to the competitive level of racing in the Tour De France, but he won the three week long race more than 5 times! Like I said, one doesn't have to be an athlete to understand and apply what Armstrong did to their own lives to better themselves or the ones around them.

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The T.V. show Weeds is an example of a Pop-culture artifact that represent a very unique family. This show depicts the life of a middle-class, single-mom (Nancy) with two children (Silas and Shane), an eccentric uncle (Andy) and friends who become very involved in the families life. Nancy's husband has died and left the family with no money so Nancy has to find a way to make ends meet and keep the lifestyle her and her family have grown accustomed to. She decides that the best and quickest way for her to make money is to sell weed. The family was not very close from the beginning but as the series goes on, the family slowly starts to drift from one another because Nancy is constantly leaving to make drug deals and the children are left at home to take care of themselves. I believe the show Weeds is Subverted Oppositional because it is not a typical family in the sense that Nancy is a single mother which is not the typical status quo, although we are starting to see more single mothers now-a-days. I also believe it is subverted oppositional because Nancy's job is illegal because she sells weed for a living and that is not a typical trait. Everyone from music, t.v., movies and celebrities talk about drugs, specifically weed, even presidents have admitted to smoking weed and some activist in California are even trying to legalize it which goes to show the T.V. show weeds is a major player in pop-culture.


American Dreams
In the early 2000’s a new drama set in the 1960’s emerged, called American Dreams. American Dreams centered on the Pryor’s, a typical white, American family in the early 60’s. This show is a pop culture artifact because it lives up to America’s perception of a perfect family unit at that time, making the family and show a preferred reading that supports the status quo. Interestingly enough, the shows’ main character Meg also becomes an inflected oppositional reading by her continued friendship and budding romance with the character of Sam, a black boy her age. In this way, American Dreams is both hegemonic and counter-hegemonic.

Al Bundy can be considered a household name. He played the dysfunctional father figure of a not so functional family in the hit tv sitcom "Married...With Children". This is considered a pop culture artifact first for the fact that much to today's society is familiar with the Bundy characters and the television series. Also, people would watch the Bundy's on weekday nights when they would get home from work in order to "zone out", to watch such a dysfunctional family that these individuals would realize that they may not have it so bad because they definitely did not want to be living the small existence of a life that any of the Bundy characters were living! People would watch this to be entertained by the misfortunes that would happen to the Bundy's. "Married....With Children" is one of the new classics of our generation!

The Simpsons represent a middle-class family, who connects with the audience more so because they aren't exactly the perfect family, yet it is their imperfections that tie them into being a close knit family. Homer, the male works full time at a job he hates, and Marge is the stay at home wife, mother of three children. Bart, Simpson, and Maggie. They represent a pop-culture artifact because everyone has known and grown up with the simpsons, and because of their humorous personalities and corky relationships, the audience is able to connect well with them as a middle-class family, and follow them through their everyday humorous lives by simply being themselves.


Family Guy the newest most popular watched show today is considered a pop culture artifact as family because
like The Simpsons, they are a middle-class family who is not perfect in an way shape or form. From left to right we see the characters Brian (dog), Chris (son), Peter (father), Stewie (baby), Lois (Mother) and Meg (daughter). Within every single character, families all over the world could connected with atleast one of these characters. For example Meg (the daughter) is a young girl who is not perfect on the way she looks, she is an average person, as a teenager she just wantes attention from her family as well as friend her biggest concern is to fit in. I think this applies to many young girls because not everyone is perfect and they might feel the same way that she does. Another example would be Lois (the mother) she is a stay home mom that has to take care of her family and care for them. This family shows the audience that no family is picture perfect and that it is ok as long as you have eachother. This is how it makes the audience have a connection with the show, making "Family Guy" a pop culture artifact.


One of the biggest Pop Culture exemplars of family would have to be the First Family. Barack and Michelle Obama with their daughters Malia and Sasha make up one of the most well known families in the world. They offer a preferred reading into the idea of a family and represent what society would look to as far as a good example of a family. The popularity of the 2008 Presidential Election has elevated this family into the stratosphere of popular culture. Even the small choices that they make, such as what church they want to attend and what kind of dog they want to get, make all of the headlines.


The television show "Sons of Anarchy" on FX is another example of a pop culture artifact. The biker brotherhood considers all of the members of the gang to be family even though just a few of them are actually related to each other. This artifact is inflected oppositional because it challenges the status quo, but just a little bit. The bike clubs members aren't your typical family but they are a family of sorts. This is relative to pop culture because it's a television show and because people can relate to the non traditional family featured in the show.



The Television show that just aired this season on ABC known as Modern Family is a great example of a pop culture artifact that aims to reflect current ideas of a family environment.
This shows takes three different families and address the social issues surrounding interracial marriage, gay marriage, traditional marriage and uses humor to get it’s point across. Some of their characters can and do perpetuate the stereotypes associated with being part of their class. It’s ABC’s idea of what a modern family would look like and how they should act. Modern Family doesn’t just aim to address social issues surrounding a family setting but also creates pop culture



Entourage is the pefect family one could have. It is about a man Vincent Chase who is a well known actor and makes great money while his best friend is his manager, Eric. His brother not as popular as him but Drama tries his hardest to get some T.V. time and Turtle the driver sits back and hopes for his movie star friend to bring in the cash. His agent Ari Gold some say is a bit of a prick but he is like there father figure and will always be there for them. who wouldnt want to be a part of their Entourage

external image jon-and-kate.jpg

Jon and Kate Plus 8 was the perfect model of how a family should be run, with both parents helping and supporting each other with every decision that had to be made regarding their children. This show used to inspire people in their family relationships seeing that a couple could have 8 children and still be calm and harmonious. However things took a turn for the worse a couple of years ago when Kate became the stereotypical "nagging wife" and Jon bacame the "disinterested father". Since their divorce has been finalized Jon has been seen with the children less frequently and the show is being renamed Kate Plus 8. This outcome is definitely hegemonic since most marriages today end in divorce no matter how happy the couple seemed in the past.

The Cleveland show is a branch off the popular tv show, The The Family Guy. Systematically it is essentially a colored model of the Family guy. It is preferred-occluded model becuz it superficially preaches the imperfections of contemporary industrialized times, yet it goes through all the motions like most American citizens. Nonetheless, it seems to always address the major social issues of our society.


external image mp320_113-1.jpg

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a 90's sitcom that centered around a young man (Will Smith) who moves in with his wealthy relatives who live in bel air. This show became a big hit, not only for its comedic value, but for the topics it discussed and the idea that African American families can live in such a way. This would be seen as Inflected Oppositional because it has been tweaked from the norn slightly. The fact that the Uncle was a judge, the mother was a professor, and the two young children went to prep school aren't always ideally seen in today's society.


George Lopez is a much admired Latino figure, because of his success as a comedian and having his own family show. The George Lopez show depicts a “traditional” Hispanic family. Though their children go to private school and they live a very comfortable life, they try to incorporate more traditional aspects into their episodes. In one of their episodes they have a Quinceanera for his daughter, which show how they incorporate part of their culture to relate to their audience.


Keeping up with the Kardashians is a reality televison show on the E! channel. It is about a large Hollywood family living in Los Angeles and all the drama that comes with it. This show is an artifact related to family because it is an example of the many different types of families there are in America. Kris Kardashian was once married to Robert Kardashian who was one of OJ Simpsons lawyers and they had four children together: Kim, Kourtney, Kloe, and Robert, who are all on this TV show. Kris later married Chris Jenner who was a gold medalist winner and has children from his first marriage, but they are not part of the show. Finally, Kris and Chris have two girls of their own, Kylie and Kendall. This means that each child has both step-brothers/sisters and also half-brothers/sisters, which is very common today because the divorce rate is so high. All children seem to receive the love they need from their parents and siblings and seem to love having such a large family, which is also popular at the moment with the TV shows Jon and Kate plus 8 and the Octomom.


The Jackson family has been seen in the public eye for decades. They have even been considered the "Royal Family of Pop." The Jackson family consists of the world-famous, late Michael Jackson, siblings Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Rebbie, LaToya, Randy, and Janet Jackson, and parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson. The Jackson family consists of several acts and performers, including the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, and Janet Jackson. This family is arguably the most famous and recognizable families in American popular culture. With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, the Jackson family has been highly exposed to the public by the media. The Jackson family has made a definite mark in American pop culture historically, and continues to make impressions on our pop culture to this day.

external image moz-screenshot-1.jpg


This family is on the reality show , Little People Big World. The family on the show represents a counter hegemonic family. This is because three of the family members on the show are little people: the mother, father and younger son. While their other children are of "standard size." In our popular culture today, we recognize a hegemonic family to be of standard size and have children of standard size. In this show, the family represents a healthy happy family, but with physical differences. The reality show is important in popular culture because of the audience who views the show can clearly see a family they assumed was once different, is normal and has a happy family life. This show is important because it opens a door to people who are little people or dwarfs. The family can help show the people in the modern world that the hegemonic values they once had of little people can change. Their reality show can help make a change in perceptions of their once stereotypical views from people in today's culture because they represent a family with not too many differences from another American family. This is a great example for a influential family in our popular culture today.

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The show "The Gilmore Girls" was a popular program that was aired on the WB a few years ago. With it's high ratings and popularity amongst the public, many critics and viewers liked the fact that this show portrayed a counter hegemonic family dynamic that was not ever seen on television before. Here we had a show that was about a single mom who became pregnant unexpectedly in her teens and decided to have and raise the baby on her own. The show depicts the incredible closeness between mother and daughter, despite all the hardships they both had to endure. Although the mom was a pregnant teen and even ran away from home, she became a successful owner of a hotel and, most importantly, she depicted an image of an unbelieveably happy single mom. A lot of crtitics argue that this depiction of a single mom and the life that she leads is not a truthful representation of how it actually is like being a single mom in our country. Despite this argument, I think that having this show in our media was a great breakthrough in countering hegemonic ideals that are so often portrayed on television. If anything, it gave hope and motivation to all the single moms in our country that being a single mom can be accomplished in a happy and successful manner. Unfortunately this show is no longer on the air, but hopefully there will be more shows in our media that continue to show family dynamics like "The Gilmore Girls."



This is a picture of the Duggar family, they are the focus of a TLC program titled "18 Kids and Counting." Jim Bob and his wife Michelle of are now expecting their 19th child who is due is the Spring of 2010. The family who lives in Arkansas believes due to their strong faith that each child is a special gift from God. They have been married for 20 years and their eldest son just had a child making them grandparents! The Duggars really are a pop culture phenonmenon. The entire family appears regularly not only on TLC but on other popular TV shows as well. They've been on countless talk shows and even appeared on "Good Morning America". This family encompasses the values of a preferred reading because they are a loving, traditional family. The family can also be considered a counter hegemonic reading because of its large size.


Two and a half men

Two and a half men is an example of family. This is one of the most American popular sitcom today. The family is a little different from other typical family sitcom. It features a family living in Malibu rich neighborhood - Main characters are two adult brothers, the son/nephew. Older brother, Charlie, is a very rich bachelor, earning money by making jingles. He loves drinking and flirting with women. Younger brother, Alan, is a chiropractor and divorced twice (and he actually graduated from CSULB in the setting). Teenaged Jake is Alan's only son who loves eating and craves to drive a car. Their different background of life always brings up conflicts between them. They are not a typical American family and have a weird relationship with their mom. Unlike other family shows, this show focuses on guys in a family. Laid-back rich life of Charlie is a life a very few Americans have. Alan's struggling life to pay bills and alimony to his ex-wife is probably a life that many Americans are experiencing. This show portraits the two different life status, which is rich one (winner) and poor one (loser), within a family very well.

Full_House_Cast.jpg full house cast image by dom_076
Full_House_Cast.jpg full house cast image by dom_076

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Full house is a television show about a family living their everyday lives. The uniqueness about this family is that it defies what a typical family looks like. The show is about a dad who loses his wife and leaves him alone to take care of his three daughters. Him needing help in raising his daughters, calls on his brother-in-law and his best friend to step in and help take care of the girls. Those three men, within the context of the show, are equal parental figures. Kimmy gibler, the next door neighbor, is considered part of the family because she is the oldest daughter's best friend and is over at their house more than at her own. Furthermore, the oldest daughter starts dating Steve and he is over at their house more than he is at his own. Then you have Rebecca, who marrys into the family and has her twins and they become part of this family under one roof. This family is not your typical family. A typical family would be a mom, a dad and their children. Contradicting that definition of what a typical family looks like, this family is an extended version of family. The Full House family defines family as people who love and sacrafice for each other. In essence morals and values are what makes this family what it is, rather than the typical biological ties that define family. In culture today, extended families and value based families are a more common definition than what the "American Dream" family looks like. Men are taking care of children, much like we see in Full House, families are comprised of friends and neighbors and we are seeing that extended families are living under one roof. The Full House family is a good example of how family is culturally defined today.


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The Cosby Show is a great pop culture artifact because over their eight seasons the Huxtable family tackled serious topics and defied stereotypic al ideas of African American families while remaining the ideal family that anyone would be lucky to be a part of. The family contained two very loving parents who were not perfect but would do anything for their children and their five children would do anything for them and each other. The Cosby Show won numerous awards and still remains a great family to aspire to.


external image moz-screenshot.jpglamasfamily300.jpgThis is new reality show about a family that was once famous. The family is now struggling to get back into the business. I think this shows that people have used reality TV to revive their career and make money while doing it. Most of America does not know who the Lamas are, and most do not care. So why did Hollywood think it was a good idea to put them on TV? I think because each chacter "relates" to TV watchers. The blond daughter has tons of clothes and shoes, and lives a very luxuruous life. The brunette daughter is the youngest sibling, not 21 yet so she is left behind in all the fun activitys. The son is lost and trying to become an actor, but does not want to get ahead with his family name ( I am sure). Then the dad is struggling to find his new life, without his wife or caerrer. The mom stays home, gets plastic surgery, and plays with her little dogs. This show is like every other reality show that represents to live the good life, you must have a lot of money, be in the in crowd, and have lots of drama.


external image 33ndj0w.jpg

I chose to pick my Pop-Culture artifact on the family Tv. Show Runs House. The reason I chose this show is because it has had a huge impact on on the media and viewers giving the show more air time and multiple seasons.Along with it being a family show Run is a huge hip hop icon. I believe some families can relate to this show because he plays the responsible parent. The show is basically about Run an old school, platinum selling artist, Reverend, Rapper, Mentor and most of all a man who deals with a household of seven family members on a day to day basis. Even though his status speaks for itself, he portrays the father figure and care giver, and the bread winner for the whole family, which some families may relate to. Unlike many other family shows this family is brought up into pop culture because of their father. The boy Jojo starts his rap career and the girls try to run sneaker lines. I think besides all the glamour and gold this family seems to be well functioned and likeable. The reason which also makes it a major pop culture artifact is because it plays on MTV., which most teenagers and young adults watch.


external image homepage.jpg?type=sn

Second Noah was a television series that lasted for a short period of time in the 1990s. It reflected a subverted oppositional view because of the premise of the show. It focused on the 8 adopted children and many pets that made up the household. During this time period, families such as this one were not commonly shown in society nor glorified. The amount of pets and issues that the family had was also opposite of the norm and something that added to its uniqueness. Although many families that are shown in television incorporate pets, none of them display so many. Although those characteristics of Second Noah may seem interesting to viewers, not too many desire that type of lifestyle, therefore reinforcing the
subverted oppositional view.


South Central

South Central was a short lived sitcom that aired back in the spring of 1994 about a lower class African-American Family in South Central Los Angeles and dealt with the lives of an African-American family, the Moseleys, and issues such as gang violence, drugs, dating, sex, school, and unemployment. This show was just the opposite of what the Cosby show represented. This show is ironic that it shows an oppositional view of what the American family is suppose to consist of. The Cosby show portrayed the African American family in a positve way but not ideal of what alot of African American consist of. In this particular sitcom the mother is a single parent of 3 children living just below or right at the poverty level.

I choose the artifact/television series Big Love as my artifact. I feel this artifact conveys an occluded preferred reading, because while it supports the status quo it also persuades you to want the opposite of what is presented. In the series Big Love the main character Bill is a polygamist, he has three wives Barbara, Nicolette and Margene. Though the show acknowledges that polygamy is not accepted by modern society it still glorifies the fact that Bill himself is a polygamist. In the practice of polygamy it is traditional for a man to have more than one wife; however, it is not customary for a wife to have more than one husband. This ideology enforces the hegemonic ideology of man’s patriarchal dominance over women.