Wiki Assignment 1 due September 17, 2009

  1. Register with wikispaces using this format: Lastname-Firstname
  2. Join Dr. Utley’s COMM 439 wiki
  3. Post a recent, recognizable photo of yourself. The visual image of you will help Dr. Utley create a photo roster so that she can learn your names. Do not cheat by posting a bogus picture.

Follow these steps to complete your first wiki assignment.

Wiki Assignments 2-4 due October 6, 2009, October 22, 2009, November 10, 2009

The remaining wiki assignments require you to post a popular culture artifact and explain why it is a good example of a course theme.
1. Choose a course theme from the navigation bar
  • Try to choose themes we have not yet covered in class
  • Choose a different theme for each wiki assignment
2. Post your artifact
  • See this link for technical assistance
3. Type your explanation
  • You may type in the caption box if you are posting a file or you may simply type on the wiki page.
  • See the Children theme for examples
4. End your explanation with your name, Last Name-First Name
5. Separate your post from the others by adding a horizontal bar (it's the 8th icon from the right in the editor bar)
Congratulations, after you have posted your artifact and your explanation you have completed your next wiki assignment.